Biden Makes Bizarre Comments About Trump’s Mugshot, Biceps, COVID, and the Special Counsel

Joe Biden is still in Lake Tahoe, staying at the $18 million lakefront home of billionaire Tom Steyer. He’s been in Lake Tahoe for a week, except for a brief excursion to Maui for about five hours on Monday. 

You would think that maybe Biden would take more than a few hours with the victims, but he got the photo-op he wanted and then he booked it out of there fast, back to his vacation. As my colleague Mike Miller reported, Biden had important things to do — like take a spin and pilates class on Wednesday with other members of his family. He said he wasn’t aware of the plane crash that allegedly had the Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin in it because he had been “working out” for an hour-and-a-half. 

Then on Friday, after another class, Biden went over to reporters again. I don’t know what happened to his staff/handlers but somehow he got away and made a few bizarre comments. 

First, he was booed by people, as he went over to the reporters and just started talking about the looming UAW strike. He seemed oblivious to the booing. 

But then, the guy who showed the people of Maui that he has no empathy or judgment decided that it was the time to laugh and joke about former president Donald Trump being arrested, when he was asked by a reporter about Trump’s mugshot. 

Biden smiled broadly, laughed, and then said, “Handsome guy.” You can hear the people continuing to boo him loudly in the background. 

If he had any sense at all, this is where he should have said “no comment,” not to the report of so many dead in Maui. This is the time when he’s not supposed to be talking, smiling, or laughing about the targeting of his political opponent. But it’s Biden, so it’s the complete lack of appropriate action, and he seems to be enjoying the persecution of his opponent. His grin takes us further down that banana republic road. 

If that wasn’t enough, he went down another bad road, talking about government spending for another COVID vaccine, that he said was “necessary” and was going to be “recommended” for everyone. 

We’ve already seen signs of people pushing the possibility of more COVID and a return to masking in places. Is there any doubt they would try this again, particularly if it helps them get more control before the election?

Then a reporter threw caution to the wind since Biden was being so chatty, to ask if he was going to be interviewing with the Special Counsel investigating him over his taking of classified documents. Watch his face change when he’s challenged like that. How dare anyone ask him such a question!

Biden claimed, “There’s no such request and no such interest.”

Except that’s not true, at least not according to reports.  His people and special counsel Robert Hur have allegedly been in discussions to arrange for his interview. But if Biden admitted that, that would damage the precariously constructed fiction he has built, so you can’t know that. 

There’s the handler in that clip, Olivia Dalton, who finally showed up, and pulled him away from the reporters. 

However, he had one weird comment left. A male reporter asked him how he liked Lake Tahoe. Some hard-hitting question there. 

Biden said that if he had the reporter’s “biceps,” he’d “feel better.”  

I’ve written about this before. He has some weird obsession with men’s biceps, and he’s even felt random guy’s biceps in foreign countries if the mood strikes him. It’s like his obsession with sniffing children — very strange. 

Biden bailed after talking with the reporters and went back to the SUV, as people once again began booing him. This time he got that they were booing him, and it stopped him for a minute. He decided to wave to them. 

If there’s any wonder why they generally try to keep him from the press, this is why — because he only makes things worse.

Biden even made things bad for Steyer. His stay in Lake Tahoe is already being investigated as we reported, because Steyer reportedly wasn’t supposed to be renting his home to him for the stay. 

Just another bizarre, Biden day. 


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  1. I’m so upset,angry what the deep state’s and how this monster Marxist DEMS D.A treating our President D.J.TRUMP.
    And the Evil media mocking the mugshot
    My personal opinion’s?
    The democrats D A’s makes Trump( MAKE MY DAY)
    Mug shots and (I SHALL RETURN) and (I’LL BE BACK)
    A victorious mugshot.

    He is exposing all deep state democrats corruption.
    Like worms coming out from bad apples.
    God will prevail making President Trump much resilient .

  3. Every day thousands cross our Southern Border unchallenged, obviously welcomed by Mr. biden and his handlers. Given the mental state of President Poopy Pants and his lack of leadership qualifications, I wonder how many of these invaders entertain thoughts of running for President themselves ?

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