Video of Rachel Zegler Turning on Waterworks After Internet Backlash Shows Her Snide Attitude Is a Habit

Rachel Zegler is beginning to feel the consequences of her own actions as her attitude toward her own movie, Disney’s latest live-action cash grab of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, is already looking like it’s going to bomb with Zegler at the center of it all.

The issue started when, during an interview about the movie, Zegler spit on the movie that started Disney’s rise to the top as the king of children’s entertainment, declaring that it’s “no longer 1937.” In this remake, Snow White is an empowered girl boss whose only flaw is not realizing how perfect and great she already is. It’s a very tired modern Disney trope at this point.

She went on to accuse the prince that wakes Snow White with true love’s first kiss of being a creepy stalker, and completely eliminated his role as the man who reduces her from her sleep. 

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She then made things even worse when she professed to not even like the Snow White film, having watched the movie once as a child and then never picking it up again. She also denounced the ride based on the movie. It was all made even worse by Zegler’s unappreciative and condescending attitude about it all, and it was only compounded by Disney’s repeated reinforcement of its leftist politics through its movies, television shows, and activism. 

But now that Zegler’s attitude has gotten the film in trouble, old videos are surfacing that truly point out how bad her self-absorption is. In a recent video that surfaced, she claimed that she was being taken out of context by everyone on the internet regarding a previous issue. She played the victim card, claiming that her “whole existence is being taken out of context by the internet.

In short, it’s your fault that her comments rubbed the public the wrong way…but it gets better.

At one point she tears up while telling the camera how hard it is to be her and mentions she’s getting death threats. She does interlace all of this with reassurances that she’s grateful for what she’s been given, however, given what we’ve seen, these parts seem insincere. In the end, this video seems more like an attempt to get people to feel sorry for her than anything else. 

It all comes off as incredibly disingenuous. She’s an empowered woman who is also a victim because people on the internet disagreed with her backward take on a classic and take issue with her modern feminism. It’s a response we’ve seen a thousand times at this point, and few are buying this fake distress. 

It’s likely that the Snow White remake will disappoint at the box office as the vast majority of Disney movies have over the past few years. If and when it does, Zegler will take the lion’s share of the blame, but it should be remembered that she was empowered to do this by Disney itself. The corporation has made it clear that it’s no longer a family-focused company creating imaginative movies with excellence as a priority. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, and even confessed to by some of its executives, it is now a political propaganda outlet, focused on pushing leftist politics. 

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