Exclusive Video — Trump on Romney: ‘Mitt’s a Loser,’ ‘The Right Candidate Will Beat Him’ in Utah Primary

BEDMINSTER, New Jersey — Former President Donald Trump, the leading 2024 GOP presidential candidate, told Breitbart News that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is a “loser.”

Trump made the comments about Romney, who carpet-bagged his way into a U.S. Senate seat from Utah after he lost the 2012 presidential election after his governorship in the northeastern Bay State, Massachusetts, during a nearly hour-long exclusive on-camera interview last week at his golf club here.

“Mitt’s a loser. He’s been a loser for a long time,” Trump said when asked to respond to Romney’s recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which the failed presidential candidate called for the crowded GOP field in 2024 to winnow itself down to try to stop Trump from getting the nomination again.

Trump also bashed Romney for marching with Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, DC, in 2020, mocking Romney for wearing a mask during it and saying some of the leftists with whom he was marching were really bad folks.

“He has no respect in the Republican Party,” Trump continued about Romney. “He’s a terrible Republican. I think he’s terrible for the nation also. I saw him marching with the Antifa and the groups down in Washington with his mask on—you couldn’t even see his face. They were marching, and these were real terrorists—very bad people he was marching with. He didn’t even know the difference.”

Trump also said that any endorsements from Romney for any candidates nationwide are like “Kryptonite,” and seriously hurt any Republican running for office.

“No, Mitt’s really—I think having him, I call him Kryptonite. If he endorses somebody, that person loses,” Trump said. “I had a couple people I endorsed, they took a big lead, and then all of a sudden I saw their lead was gone. What happened? They associated them with Mitt Romney. Once they became disassociated, they went back up. But in those cases, they truly wanted to be disassociated. Mitt’s a loser.”

While Romney has not said yet whether he will run for reelection in 2024, the U.S. Senate seat he currently occupies faces a regularly scheduled election next year. Trump, asked if Romney should call it quits and retire or if he would possibly lose reelection if he runs, told Breitbart News that if the “right candidate” runs against him Romney would lose, because, Trump said, Utah is a “great state” that deserves better than him.

“The right candidate will beat him,” Trump said. “It’s a great state. The right candidate will beat him—I think beat him easily.”

More from Trump’s latest exclusive interview with Breitbart News is forthcoming.

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