California Congressman’s Bill Aims at “Ghost Guns”

Homemade firearms have been with us as a nation since before we were a nation. Unserialized ones as well, since serial numbers weren’t a thing for firearms throughout most of this country’s existence.

Yet over recent years, the media has gone absolutely nuts over so-called ghost guns.

It seems that the media and politicians discovered them, made a huge thing, plastered them all over the television and internet, then are shocked to see bad guys taking advantage of them.

Of course, any actual threat is overstated and there’s no evidence suggesting that those who use such a firearm couldn’t get a traditionally manufactured gun instead, but you know how anti-gunners are.

Now, a House Democrat is reintroducing a bill that seeks to regulate these weapons.

Congressional representatives including Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Napa, reintroduced a bill last week that would require sellers of ghost gun kits to comply with federal regulations around gun safety.
The Ghost Guns and Untraceable Firearms Act bans ghost guns, which can be assembled at home from parts that have no serial number and whose use appears to be proliferating across the United States.
Joining Thompson as co-leads on the bill are other Democrats including Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Reps. Adriano Espaillat of New York, Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania and Brad Schneider of Illinois.
Among other provisions of the bill, unfinished frames and receivers, which make up the core of a ghost gun, would be added to the definition of firearm in federal law.

Except, it won’t.

What it will do is basically take what we currently think of as incomplete receivers and regulate those. It won’t actually do anything to potential receivers that are even less complete.

Remember, folks, a dude made an AK receiver out of a shovel. You’re not going to actually stop so-called ghost guns from being made.

Especially in the era of the 3D printer.

The good news is that this bill won’t see the light of day. Thompson can introduce all the legislation he likes. What he really can’t do is force anyone to vote for it, and since Republicans control the House, they’re not likely to be inclined to help a Democratic colleague with his pet project.

Especially when it’ll alienate part of their own base.

So no, this isn’t happening.

Frankly, though, it shouldn’t. As I noted before, the problem is horribly overstated in most instances and there’s not a lick of evidence that those who use these firearms illegally wouldn’t be able to obtain a gun through some other illicit means. There’s no evidence that so-called ghost guns are arming people who wouldn’t be armed otherwise.

The issue is and has always been that we have people who are both prohibited from owning guns but are also getting them in order to carry out illegal acts. It’s not the gun, but the people.

Thompson’s bill is nothing more than another attempt to try and blame guns for the problems committed by people. It’s pathetic, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from anti-gun Democrats.

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