Moore to the Point – On Brand

We don’t yet have the transcript from the interview of Hunter Biden’s friend and former business associate Devon Archer, but one of the themes that emerged from the closed-door proceeding, once you wade through the Democrats’ spin and fluff, was that Archer attributed the value of Hunter’s involvement to his last name – to “the brand.”

And ultimately, it was Joe Biden himself who was the brand – and Hunter’s access to him that made numerous foreign actors throw money at Hunter like…well, we’ll go with confetti at a parade.

“Brand” was, without a doubt, the word of the day on Monday.

So it seems fitting that, on Tuesday, Biden’s Justice Department did something totally on brand: They indicted Donald Trump. Again. I think we’re up to 80 charges against the former president – I’ve lost count. My point – in this Moore to the Point – is not to comment on the merits of said charges but on the fact that the “Biden brand,” in addition to graft and influence, appears to include prosecuting political opponents.

The irony in all of this is that Donald Trump, in all his uniqueness, appears to be climbing upward in the polls in the face of these mounting indictments. The more they throw at him, the stronger he seems to get. I guess you could say he, too, is right on brand.

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