Merrick Garland Must Appoint a Special Counsel in Hunter Biden Probe, or Congress Should Impeach Him

Will the public ever learn more about the myriad of scandals surrounding the Biden family? A number of whistleblowers from various agencies have come forward spilling the tea on President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and officials working in the government, and it seems that daily there are new stories about what’s contained on Hunter’s laptop from Hell. Democrats claim that that’s all been investigated, but it’s quite apparent that it hasn’t.

One of the whistleblowers, IRS criminal investigator Joseph Ziegler, recently testified before Congress and detailed how elements in the agency scuttled an investigation into Hunter. He alleged that these individuals concealed potential malfeasance to protect the younger Biden from legal troubles.

Ziegler published an op-ed in the WSJ Thursday, in which he made the argument that the Justice Department should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter and look into allegations that federal agencies tried to protect him:

Hunter Biden’s plea deal on gun and tax charges fell apart Wednesday, most likely because the Justice Department rushed to charge the case and failed to follow standard investigative processes. I urge Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel so an independent reviewer can examine what I believe were deficient investigative steps and improper decisions.

Justice officials prevented investigators from following the evidence. Appointing a special counsel would create a path for the investigation to continue with integrity. I hope transparency will restore public confidence in the idea that every U.S. taxpayer receives equal treatment under the law. Sweetheart deals shouldn’t be handed out like candy to the rich, powerful and politically connected.

Ziegler explained that the reason he decided to come forward was because “Hunter Biden received preferential treatment” from IRS officials tasked with investigating him. “Although some in Congress tried to explain away my concerns, what I saw during the investigation was entirely outside the norm,” he wrote.

The official continued, detailing “disagreements between prosecutors and investigators” during the probe into Hunter’s activities. He recounted how “[t]hings reached a breaking point” when he and fellow whistleblower Gary Shapley were “sidelined” after clashing with U.S. Attorney David Weiss:

Four assigned prosecutors and Mr. Weiss had agreed to recommend the approval of misdemeanor and felony charges for 2017-19 before Mr. Weiss ultimately claimed he wasn’t the deciding person on whether to file charges. When Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys in the District of Columbia and the Central District of California declined the case after only a brief review, and refused to allow Mr. Shapley or me to brief them on our findings, I knew I had to blow the whistle.

He later concluded the piece by noting that he has “no regrets” about blowing the whistle and urged others to also come forward if they witness corruption.

I’ll just get this part out of the way.

If former President Donald Trump were still in office, and there were similar allegations about the Trump family, members of the activist media would be calling every day for a special prosecutor to be appointed. Democrats in Congress would be caterwauling about how these suspicions warrant an impartial investigation into the matter of the Orange Man What Is Bad™ and the rest of the family.

Is it not slightly odd that this is not happening with President Joe Biden’s son? Shouldn’t the press be at least a little curious about claims that folks at the IRS and FBI worked to shield members of the Biden family from legal scrutiny?

Well, not really, at least if you have been paying attention over the past decade.

Nevertheless, if there was ever a situation that called for the appointment of a Special Counsel, it would be this one. It would make for a more thorough and fair investigation. Going this route would decrease the likelihood that biased elements in the government would try to get Hunter off.

Moreover, a Special Counsel would promote greater transparency. Both the IRS and FBI tried to conceal allegations against Hunter to protect him. Even after an FBI official came forward exposing the existence of an official document detailing allegations that a Ukrainian businessman bribed Hunter and Joe Biden, the agency seemed to sweep it under the rug.

Most importantly, a Special Counsel investigation could unearth more details about corruption in the federal government that are important for the public to know – and bring criminal charges in any jurisdiction in the country without needing approval from that state’s U.S. Attorney. This whole situation is bigger than the Biden crime family; if the allegations are true, it is about people using the power of the state to protect political allies while targeting the opposition. It’s the stuff movies are made of. As we’ve seen through the ongoing indictments coming out of Jack Smith’s investigation, a Special Counsel can and will indict people alleged to have covered for their main target. In this case, that could include people in the FBI or Department of Justice, or even the White House.

Unfortunately, President Biden and his merry band of Democrats know this. Therefore, they are about as likely to support the appointment of a Special Counsel as snow is to fall on the Sahara. The very last thing these people want is for government corruption to be exposed in such a manner.

Moreover, they definitely don’t want their president’s dirty laundry aired.

Attorney General Merrick Garland assured Congress during his confirmation hearings that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings wouldn’t be impeded by politics, and he’s doubled down on that promise, and since the IRS whistleblowers came forward, claiming that everything has been above-board. The public, judging by polls, highly doubts Garland’s sincerity. Congressional Republicans need to stand behind these whistleblowers and demand that Garland appoint a Special Counsel we can all trust, and even dangle the possibility of filing articles of impeachment against Garland himself if he doesn’t.

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  1. Question is, if Biden owned Garland does appoint a special council, will they be unbiased, or Biden owned as well?

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