Chino Valley School District Votes to Inform Parents of Gender Confused Kids. Death & Mutilation Threats Follow

Gavin Newsom has been running for president since he was mayor of San Francisco. He’s only ramped up the campaign of late, making it more obvious, because everyone can see that Joe Biden is a shell of a man.

Like a morsel of The French Laundry’s slimy Oysters and Pearls, Newsom can taste it. He’s running on the idea that California is the model for America. The state where the Democrat super-majority has passed laws that would act as a “sanctuary state” for out-of-state children to travel to so they can be chemically castrated and surgically mutilated without their parent’s consent. California’s governor has campaigned on his state’s example of schools hiding information from parents, and that the state knows best.

Newsom, much like the president he wants to replace has fomented an atmosphere of derision, pitting the ancient right of parents to raise their children against a new state-sponsored agenda of leftists who seek to turn impressionable children into gender-changing petry dishes.

Recently, the Techmula School Board voted 3-2 to delay the use of a curriculum for elementary students that parents found was overtly sexualized. Newsom verbally attacked the board, called them “extremists” (that’s the new attack word), and “demagogues who whitewash history, censor books, and perpetuate prejudice.” He threatened to fine the district $1.5 Million unless it approved his agenda.

The thug tactics of threats and state-sponsored intimidation adopted by Gavin Newsom have not been lost on the left’s stormtroopers. In Chino Valley, another sleepy suburb northeast of Orange County, the school board voted to notify its parents if a student claims to have a different gender than that listed on a birth certificate.

The new Chino Valley (California) Unified School District Board of Education policy states that school officials will notify parents in writing within three days if a child seeks to “identify” as a gender “other than the student’s biological sex,” use different pronouns, adopt a different name, or use the restroom or join a sports team of the opposite sex.

The board adopted the resolution Thursday by a 4-1 vote, with member Donald Bridge casting the lone dissenting vote.

“The next morning, our district got a phone call” from an anonymous caller threatening “to kill me, and they said that they were going to dismember” school board president Sonja Shaw, the official revealed on “Washington Watch With Tony Perkins” on Monday. Police alerted Shaw to the threat shortly before a previous interview on the show last Friday.

Shaw was flooded with threats. Some anonymous thug identified her pets by name and told Shaw her pets would be slaughtered too.

Not to be outdone by Newsom, and the anonymous thugs, the Attorney General of California Rob Bonta sent a letter to Chino Valley School District. In that letter, the state’s Attorney General informed the district, in not-veiled language that the state will take action if the district adopts its policy of parents being informed of a child’s delusion. The AG told the District that informing a parent of a child’s misbelief would violate the child’s “right to privacy.” Bonta threatened the District –  change your position or face state action.

That is the state of state of California. The Golden State is threatening school districts and mothers who sit on district boards with state action. Keeping parents in the dark is the official state position. If a school official, via a local school board, is required to inform a parent that their child has decided that she is not she, that is considered “extreme” by California officials.

My colleague Jeff Charles opined recently that he was optimistic about the future. Parents like Shaw are pushing back. Yes, that is encouraging, and parents like Shaw are indeed brave. But the Governor of the state of California, and the state’s Attorney General are openly calling parents “extremists” for not wanting their 8-year-olds to be sexualized. The state wants schools to hide a child’s delusion from their parents. Threats and nasty rhetoric by state officials are heard by thugs in the alphabet mob and they lash out with death threats like brownshirts in 1930s Germany. I am not so sure we are making the progress we need to make. The vast majority of parents want to know if their daughter claims she isn’t a she, but that doesn’t matter to leftists who control California.

Gavin Newsom wants this madness to go nationwide.

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