‘Where Evidence Goes to Die’: Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley Absolutely Blisters FBI for Protecting Bidens

In this episode of The Biden Family Business

On July 20, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released an unclassified FBI FD-1023 form alleging that then Vice President Joe Biden “engaged in a criminal bribery scheme.” On July 23, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) said the committee continues to receive bank records, including evidence that “Joe Biden has been selling access to our enemies for decades — long before [Hunter] was involved.”

And now House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says the case that Biden accepted bribes and funneled money through a variety of shell companies “is rising to the level of [an] impeachment inquiry.”

So where does the FBI stand in this whole mess? Let’s go to George Washington University Law School legal scholar Jonathan Turley for the answer:

It increasingly seems like the FBI is the place where evidence goes to die.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray were unavailable for comment.

Turley appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and reacted to a clip of IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler saying he hadn’t seen the aforementioned FD-1023 form outlining allegations of a bribery scheme involving Joe and Hunter Biden while working as the IRS lead in the criminal case against Hunter Biden.

Host Shannon Bream directed the following to Turley:

The 1023 form that Senator Grassley released; the FBI was not happy about that. They said that it could create pretty dangerous safety issues for the human informants.

The confidential source that came forward alleges a number of conversations with Burisma executives out of Ukraine saying, allegedly, that they were forced to pay the Bidens a certain amount of money for help with various issues.


This 1023 form — former Attorney General Barr told me on the show a few weeks ago that it was sent to Delaware to the Weiss investigation that was already open, so I asked [whistleblower] Ziegler if he ever that form as part of his investigation; here’s what he told me.

As I said above, Ziegler said he’d never seen the form, explaining to Bream that the reason the information on 1023 was valuable was because it could’ve validated other information that they were trying to prove.

Bream then asked Turley to assess why the critical 1023 was never provided to Ziegler as the FBI lead on a case that took five years.

No, [and] they also testified that they were denied the ability to be debriefed on what was coming out of the FBI on this issue. And Bill Barr said that he sent this issue originally to Pittsburgh and the U.S. Attorney’s Office rather than the FBI found additional information that the FBI did not — and then they sent it to Delaware.

It increasingly seems like the FBI is the place where evidence goes to die. You send evidence to the FBI [and] if it has the name “Biden” on it, it dies a very rapid death. And so we have no idea why this was not shared. The key about that 1023 is that it mirrors perfectly what the House committees have found.

It describes how the Bidens preferred to use a labyrinth of accounts and banks to hide payments, and no payments would go to what it refers to as “the big guy” — a term we’ve seen on the [Hunter Biden] laptop, and that this was all an effort to conceal these transactions.

That’s exactly what the committees have found in looking at the transactions from these banks. So there’s no reason why this would be withheld because it confirmed independent information that they had access to.

Absolutely incredible — but hardly a surprise. Joe Biden and his crackhead son make Richard Nixon and the Watergate Plumbers look like pikers.

Moreover, just think for a nanosecond about the repercussions on the left if Donald Trump and one of his sons had been involved in just one one-hundredth of the allegations against the Bidens, about which the conclusive evidence continues to pile up. To say all hell would break loose would be the understatement of the century.

Yet the dutiful left-wing sock-puppet media continues to fly wingman for “the big guy,” while Hunter lives carefree in the White House and “doesn’t” leave bags of cocaine strewn around the Executive Mansion. Not a bad gig if you can get it — for either liar.

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