Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) proposes violating the First Amendment to violate the Second Amendment

The Bill of Rights is like a series of interlocking gears that makes the machinery of Liberty move. Throw sand into one and you gum up the entire apparatus and destroy it. You simply cannot violate one without violating the others, and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is here to give us a real-time example:

Gillibrand Announces Legislation To Ban Distribution Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Firearms And Curb Epidemic Of “Ghost Guns”
Today, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act, federal legislation that would ban online distribution of blueprints for the 3D printing of firearms and help prevent the proliferation of “ghost guns.” Gillibrand announced the legislation at a press conference where she was joined by State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal; State Senator Brian Kavanagh; Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal; Sam Levy, Senior Counsel for Everytown for Gun Safety; Paul DiGiacomo, President of the Detectives’ Endowment Association; Mary Hernandez, CEO and Founder of Angellyh Yambo Foundation; and other gun safety advocates.
Ghost guns are homemade firearms that have no serial number, making them untraceable and extremely difficult to regulate. The components are often purchased in “ghost gun kits” or even 3D printed using instructions found on the internet. Individuals have the ability to go online and obtain these blueprints and instruction manuals without a background check and can print out firearms with just the click of a mouse. 

You have to hand it to gun controllers, they’re just really good at wordsmithing to create so much fear among the masses that they’re willing to give up their freedom. There is no such thing as a ghost gun; homemade firearms have always been legal in the history of this country. It is the birthright of every American to keep and bear arms, and that includes making your own arms for lawful possession and use. Garage, basement, and backyard tinkerers didn’t just found large technology companies; they gave us a lot of advancements in firearms technology over the years.

And because many of the 3D printed guns are made of plastic, they can bypass metal detectors commonly used at courthouses, airports, and other secured public areas.

Besides the ingenious wordsmithing, gun controllers just flat-out lie without shame or guilt. Bypassing metal detectors is a complete lie. Barrels are made of metal even in 3D-printed guns. There have been enthusiasts who have figured out how to make barrels at home using electrochemical machining, but those barrels are still made of metal and will set off metal detectors in sensitive places. Springs and trigger assemblies also have metal in them. Gillibrand and her gun control friends are all lying.

In the past year, there has been a 75% increase in ghost gun seizures according to the NYPD. And since the start of 2022, 20 of these guns were found at the scenes of shootings or homicides across Manhattan.

That sounds scary; but a 75% increase from what baseline, though? Gillibrand intentionally leaves that out. Also unstated here is the fact that a lot of “ghost gun” reports willfully conflate standard guns whose serial numbers have been etched out using ordinary metal files with 3-d printed unserialized guns. The distortion is intentional.

State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal said: “I’m proud to support Senator Gillibrand’s much-needed federal action on untraceable guns through her new bill, the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act. Her legislation is an important and necessary complement to our state bill (S7364) that makes the manufacturing of 3D-printed guns and ghost guns illegal that I drafted with Assembly Member Rosenthal in consultation with Manhattan DA Bragg.

The control freaks in New York State are obviously making laws to ban ghost guns here. Will it have any effect though? The criminals in NYC are almost always prohibited persons already and yet are running around with serialized guns; why would they care about a new law banning 3-d printed guns? Our legislators know that criminals don’t care, but they’re proceeding with these asinine laws because their real target is not the criminal but the ordinary citizen.

Also, note who is in the press conference? Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Yes, the same criminal-coddling Alvin Bragg who prioritizes crooks over their victims.

Code is free speech. Blueprints are free speech. It’s as simple as that.

In their zeal to ban guns, Democrats will end up destroying the entire Bill of Rights, not just the Second Amendment. That’s a warning all of us should be paying attention to.

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  1. There is no such thing as a smart democrat. Truth is democrats lie using such terms as racist, ghost guns, homophobes, even data that can be looked up and prove their false statements. These people are the ones who are a danger to our democratic republic. Trying to take away our constitutional rights using misinformation, disinformation, censoring the true facts or opposing opinions. The reason of the statement of no smart democrats is there is no such thing as democrats anymore. The true democratic party ended with president Kennedy, when LBJ became president it became the socialist democrat party and has moved more to the left and is becoming the socialist party. There are a few true democrats left the centrists like Manchin and Sinema although she switched to independent because of said socialism.

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