Nikki Haley Explains Why the Story Doesn’t Wash About That WH Cocaine in Tucker Interview

We’ve seen a lot of intriguing interviews out of the Family Leadership Summit during which Tucker Carlson is interviewing some of the 2024 Republican candidates. Asa Hutchinson ended up having a disaster of an interview on the transgender issue. Mike Pence may have ended his campaign with his answers on Ukraine and Jan. 6.

Tucker didn’t seem to go easy on anyone. Indeed, he was going to the big questions—and pushing on important answers to the important questions that the base is concerned with. And most of the candidates seemed to say things that ticked off the base on Twitter. If there was anyone who did well in the forum, it was Tucker. Tucker was having a great time.

There was this take on the White House cocaine when Calson interviewed former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Haley hit some good notes and made some great points here, clarifying that the area is one of the most secure, it isn’t just the random visitor entrance area.

Haley explained:

People don’t just go in and out of there.

It’s either the President, the Vice President, Cabinet…members, or Deputy Directors. There is some staff. But I couldn’t take any staff but my deputy…Very limited.

That’s how secure it is, yet they want to try to fluff this off on a random visitor?

“Don’t tell me there aren’t any cameras in there,” Haley said. There are absolutely cameras in there, she said. She said she strongly believes it was a cover-up for Hunter Biden or someone very close to Joe Biden, “and they don’t want to say who it is.”

Haley said they acted like it was a defense that the Secret Service also discovered marijuana in the West Wing twice in 2022. She explained she is concerned there are people involved in national security decisions who might be doing cocaine.

Those remarks got a lot of cheers and a good reception.

She also had some good remarks about the 2020 election but ultimately, disappointed the base with her conclusion.

Tucker noted that Biden was not a popular guy, even among Democrats, so how did he get 81 million votes—15 million more than Barack Obama, whom a lot of Democrats liked. He asked her what we can learn from that.

Haley started talking about picture ID and election integrity; she said that if people can’t have trust in their elections it is a sign of a country falling apart. She said during COVID that they got away with things, like states changing the election rules, without the approval of state legislatures, and we have to fight against things like that.

When Carlson specifically asked her if she thought the election was on the level in 2020, she answered that she thought there were irregularities. She said we know there is “mail out balloting” that shouldn’t have happened. But her conclusion then was, that she didn’t think that changed the results, and that Biden ended up winning.

That did not make the base happy, with many noting how do you raise all those questions and then come to that conclusion—and some finding that disqualifying.

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