ABC News Caves to Left-Wing Shrieks of Terror, Throws Moms for Liberty Under the Bus

Who knew that an organization of mothers trying to protect their children could become so scary?

That was the response to the Moms for Liberty conference in Philadelphia, PA, which ended on Sunday. For the entirety of the event, absolute terror mixed with dishonesty oozed from the mainstream press while left-wing protestors shouted and expressed their irrationality for all to see. Proclamations that Philly is a “trans city,” permeated the streets, which would probably be news to the almost total majority of people who live there that aren’t transgender.

But for some, the full-court press against Moms for Liberty still wasn’t enough. ABC News made the grave mistake of publishing what the organization calls itself without delving into accusations of “fascism.” The response was absolute hysteria.

Sure enough, ABC News quickly caved, deleting the tweet in question to soothe the laughable rantings of the far left.

You have to love the comparisons to the Klu Klux Klan. Apparently, a group of moms who fight to get literal pornography out of schools, oppose pointless mask mandates, and push back on the sexualization of children, including via gender ideology, are the same as historical racists who lynched people. That makes sense, right?

Everyone the left hates is a “hate group.” This is the game that never stops. You can go to the Wikipedia page that covers Moms for Liberty right now, and it cites the disgraced and discredited Southern Poverty Law Center as evidence for why the mothers are “extremists.” Pornographic comic books like Gender Queer are described as books that “teach” about gender identity. There’s even a mention of QAnon, though I’ve never seen that connection actually made.

But who needs to do the leg work when you can just shout “fascist” at everything you don’t like and get results? It took ABC News less than a day to completely fold to the mob, so why would the mob do anything differently?

Calling Moms for Liberty a “hate group” doesn’t quite scratch the itch for the left, though. They are also being labeled “white supremacists.” Why? Well, no one really knows given the organization is made up of many races and their mission (both stated and in action) has absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy.

“Don’t whitewash white supremacy” one of the above posters says. Another states the “whiteness of it all is exhausting.” Sure that latter statement is blatant racism, but when you are on the right side, you can get away with that. Just like with “hate groups,” everything the left doesn’t like is “white supremacy.” There’s no actual standard at play.

Somehow, I doubt the incoming they are receiving is going to stop Moms for Liberty, though. In fact, I’d guess it just cements their mission further. The culture wars are not going to be neat. There’s not going to be a point where the far left says “if you accept a little transgender ideology here and we’ll let you protect your children from it.” The culture wars are messy and there’s no clear endpoint. Every inch gained could still be lost tomorrow. Taking a break isn’t an option.

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  1. Probably a LOT more accurate to say that anyone or any group that doesn’t agree with their warped ideology they deem as either hateful individuals or groups. It is just soooooooo easy for them to slap that label on them rather than actually give an honest portrayal of them.

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