Millions of Your Taxpayer Dollars Are Going to Fund Foreign Pride Parades and Drag Shows

A new report is shedding light on the Biden administration’s efforts to propagate the notion of LGBT “pride” worldwide. The Washington Free Beacon reports that millions of dollars have been spent by the US State Department organizing and funding pride parades and drag shows around the world.

Not only that, but your taxpayer dollars have also gone to promoting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for “transgender” children.

The Biden administration has given nearly $4.6 million to help foreign groups promote LGBT projects like drag shows and pride parades.

Advocacy groups from at least 55 foreign nations have received millions from the Biden State Department to fund a range of initiatives aimed at bolstering the LGBT community and spreading its ideology into the mainstream, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of federal spending databases. The United States has helped organize pride parades in at least seven different countries, paid for drag queen shows in Ecuador, funded a Polish advocacy group that encourages puberty blockers for children with gender confusion, and sent cash to a Mexican group that markets cross-sex hormones to gender-confused individuals.

The United States is a country in over $30 trillion of debt, yet it apparently has enough extra cash laying around to play the social engineering game in Poland, Ecuador, and elsewhere. That’s just one of several absurdities that jump out at me about using American taxpayer money to do this stuff.

The next is obviously why the State Department is dabbling in this in the first place. What foreign policy goal in pursuit of actual American interests is being fulfilled by paying for men dressed as women to dance around for kids? What geopolitical priority is furthered by helping to push puberty blockers onto vulnerable children?

From a practical standpoint, the answer is obviously none. None of us are made safer or more prosperous by promoting transgender ideology in Mexico. Joe Biden and his ideological warriors don’t care about that, though. The government doesn’t exist to defend American interests abroad. It exists to formulate cultural change at the demand of the left, even in countries that obviously have no desire for such (though, those that do no more need American taxpayer money than the rest).

After watching the culture collapse to the point of mutilating children in the name of “gender-affirming care” over the last decade, anyone reading this will have to forgive me for not turning a blind eye to this stuff as not that big of a deal. “Pride month” and its various excesses are ridiculous because they have nothing to do with personal choice or just “staying out of other peoples’ bedrooms.” Rather, these are extremely public ideological movements that seek to influence and overtake entire generations. The only way you fight that is by pushing back directly on it.

Along the way, you will be called a “transphobe” or “homophobe,” but one must settle in their heart what their true intentions are and move forward anyway. The moment you give up the premise out of fear of political or social retribution, the war is lost. And if you think this stops at puberty blockers and drag shows for children, I’ve got news for you: There is always a next thing.

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  1. The very idea that our government would fund gay parades and drag shows overseas to promote an unpopular political agenda obviously to give the false impression to Americans that this LBGTQ nonsense is more popular than it really is sounds like something Hitler would do. It’s a propaganda machine to give false legitimacy to a group of people that should be in jail, and using taxpayer dollars to fund it increases the crime.

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