Mark Cuban Launches Twitter Rant at Joe Rogan’s Big Pharma Critique, Promptly Falls on His Face

Shark Tank star, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and general media gadfly Mark Cuban broke his keyboard in a Tuesday Twitter screed directed at Joe Rogan. Cuban was an all-in COVID cultist. In 2021, he said that if his employees wanted to work for him, they needed to be vaccinated. No Vax? No job. He didn’t have an answer for the potential NBA player who might not be into jabs.

With more information and data being allowed into the public forum (which tends to cast COVID alarmists in a negative light), there are more voices raising more questions and doubting the “official” and sanctioned COVID dogma. A dogma we now know to be, at best, flawed – at worst, deceptive and dangerous. Many COVID alarmists have admitted they were wrong. Some never will.

Into the fray steps billionaire Mark Cuban. On Tuesday, he couldn’t resist ripping on Joe Rogan for “generalizing” about big pharma. Cuban wrote:

What Rogan wrote was completely accurate. You might note that Cuban’s critique is, with rich irony, entirely general on what I read as a reasonably specific complaint. And within the first two sentences, Cuban manages to agree with Rogan’s “generalized” complaint and hawks his own business. Very Sharky, Mark.

What and who was Rogan answering? Rogan was responding to noted Twitter “expert” Tom Nichols. Nichols, the author of “The Death of Expertise” (a book I read and thoroughly loathed), posited that debating someone you think is a quack is always bad.

The opposite is true. Robert Kennedy Jr. has a lot of wacky ideas, but shining a light on his wackiness isn’t what bothers Nichols. Not really. What Nichols and, by extension, Dr. Peter Hotez and Cuban are afraid of is being exposed for being wrong. Always wrong? No. Wrong a lot and in critical parts? I think, yes.

We are not far from the days when people with completely different views could debate and allow the audience to digest and decide. Tom Nichols and Mark Cuban don’t want a debate – they want suppression. If some amplified weirdo wants to debate, claiming that the earth is flat, I want to hear it. Present that argument and watch that argument melt away. Acolytes of a given subject that has no basis in fact should have an audience and, with alternate facts, be reduced to rubble. We are also not far from the days when doctors who disagreed with the official COVID dogma were silenced, sanctioned, and fired. They turned out to be right.

Robert Kennedy Jr. might be completely wet. Kennedy has offered some pretty outlandish arguments against vaccines in general and big pharma in particular, but I want to hear his arguments countered and debated. Mark Cuban doesn’t want “his side” exposed for supporting unnecessary lockdowns, locking old people away, and allowing old people to die alone wearing silly, useless masks. Cuban, like Fauci, wants it all to go away like tears in the rain. Forgotten and forgiven. Nope. I want it all exposed – and when COVID cultists complain and want to suppress discussion and debate, I want them to defend themselves. If they can, great. If they can’t, well, too bad.

Instead, loud voices like Mark Cuban will boom at Rogan for “generalizing” about a subject, but in the same breath, hawk his own business while ironically generalizing that every doctor is a dedicated professional just wanting to save lives. Nothing like being critical of generalizing while generalizing and selling your own product.

Generally speaking – It looks like Mark Cuban just fell on his face

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