‘What Does That Say About Biden?’: Reporter Nails Inconvenient Truth Behind Post-Indictment ‘Trump Bump’

Though opinions vary, mine is that it’s unquestionable at this point that the Biden Justice Department’s pursual of charges against former President Donald Trump in the classified documents probe – and then getting them, was a politically motivated abuse of power done in hopes of irrevocably damaging a potential 2024 general election opponent of the current Oval Office occupant.

But as RedState has previously reported, Democrats and media figures alike who thought this indictment along with the Bragg indictment in April would damage Trump in the court of public opinion have been in for a very rude awakening, as his numbers among Republicans and independent voters who lean Republican have risen in response.

ABC reporter and “This Week” guest host Jon Karl brought this issue up to panelists during the Sunday program, and let an inconvenient truth about the polling slip out in the form of a question about Joe Biden (bolded emphasis added by me):

KARL: The bottom line is his favorable ratings actually increased and his unfavorable ratings went down among Republican voters and independents who lean Republican. So, in other words, his standing among Republicans actually has improved since this indictment was announced.
[ABC’s RICK] KLEIN: Yeah, Jon, it’s remarkable. We’ve seen it before. I think whether or not you believe the political situation today is the same it will be when the voting starts early next year, and whether or not you think this is just kind of rally around the flag, a sugar high for Trump, the reality that his rival candidates have settled around, and I’ve talked to their campaign managers. I’ve talked to their strategists.
KARL: So, let me try to put some oxygen back in the room. Donna, I want to try to do another poll, try to do this a little cleaner this time. But a poll from Quinnipiac, on a possible Biden Trump match — matchup puts Biden at 48%, Trump at 44%. This is a poll again, taken largely after the indictment. I mean, that’s got to make you a little — that’s within the margin of error. That is a statistical tie.
[DONNA] BRAZILE: The race was close before the indictment, the race is going to be close no matter what happen (INAUDIBLE) —
KARL: So, what does that say about Biden?



Indeed, what does it say about Biden? It says despite the fact that the former POTUS has an uphill battle in the courts going into 2024 in facing multiple felony counts that most Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters are not buying what Team Biden is selling and that even if there is some validity to the charges that they’d prefer even that over Biden, who has been an unmitigated disaster since taking office – something which a majority of the American people appear to agree with according to polling averages.

I mean Biden is still polling in basement levels and is in a virtual tie with Trump at this point despite all Trump is facing. That speaks very poorly of the current president, no matter how his handlers might try to spin it.

Further, I think it also suggests that a growing number of people remember what Democrats and the media tried to do to Trump in 2016 (and beyond) with the Trump/Russia collusion hoax nonsense, and are sending a message that just like then, those tactics will not work for Democrats in 2024.

As New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) told former Biden press secretary turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki during a recent interview (done prior to the Miami indictment), it doesn’t matter what gets thrown at Trump by the Biden administration, Democrats, and the press at this point, and they only have themselves to blame:

“What happened in New York was wrong. I mean, it really was. They are beating up on Trump for political reasons, everybody sees that. What happened with the Russian ‘collusion’ that never existed effectively exonerated the guy, so he can play a victim card. You’ve all created a situation where, God, what kind of planet are we on where Donald Trump’s become the victim? That’s really what it is.
Yeah, but nobody buys that any attack on Trump isn’t anything but political. You’ve created, everybody has, kind of, created this scenario, he’s playing it to the fullest. He is playing the violin strings better than anyone imagined which is why his poll numbers have miraculously, are actually going up.”

The man has a point.

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