Joe Biden Suffers Multiple Malfunctions While Touting a Railroad ‘Across the Indian Ocean’

Joe Biden spoke to a crowd at the League of Conservation Voters’ annual Capitol dinner on Wednesday evening, and during his speech, he suffered multiple malfunctions. Some of those came in a battle with the teleprompter while others came in a battle with himself. He also made several comments that were just flatly untrue.

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Here’s the president fumbling over his words in an attempt to blame the United States for “climate change.”

We’ll get to the senility in a moment. Believe that. But first, I just want to touch on how out-of-line it is that a US politician would speak about his own country in such demeaning terms. You can quite literally see the disgust on his face as he proclaims the nation he heads is responsible for climate change because “we cleared all our land” to “make money.”

No nation on earth has done more to lift the rest of the world out of poverty and to save lives than the United States. That’s simply a fact. There are millions of people alive in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere today because we bothered to pursue excellence, innovation, and prosperity. For a president to dump on that is so simple-minded.

Regardless, the teleprompter got Biden again shortly after that remark. He then claimed that the United States has plans to build a railroad…from the Pacific across the Indian Ocean?

I mean, I guess never say never given the ingenuity of the human species, but I’m fairly certain that there are no plans to build a railroad from the Pacific Ocean across the Indian Ocean. As to what he actually means, I have no idea. Is it my job to continually translate the president’s incomprehensible rantings? Isn’t it a problem that this keeps happening over and over again?

He wasn’t done yet, though.

People who suffer from dementia often lose track of time. They remember things they heard a decade ago and correlate them to the present day. Further, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them what’s current, they’ll keep going back to what they remember. Biden seems to do that a lot, and his continued citation of Africa approaching a billion people, when that happened 14 years ago, is another example.

It’s far from the only one, though. How many times has Biden repeated the lie about his supposed college football career? Or the lie about riding Amtrak trains? Or the lie that his son died in Iraq? Heck, the president seems to still think he’s a US senator at times.

All the while, we are expected to treat these flashing red lights as normal gaffes. They aren’t normal gaffes, though. It’d be one thing if Biden misremembered something every once and a while. Who doesn’t do that? But these “gaffes” happen in all of his public appearances, and they are often repetitions of past “gaffes.”

Being president is not a game, and it’s certainly not a retirement gig. It’d be nice if those in the mainstream press felt the same way and bothered to hold Biden to account.

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