Joe Biden Centers Trangenderism Flag on White House

President Joe Biden put the left’s “Progress Pride” flag — which is topped by the pink-and-blue colors of transgender advocacy — at the center of the White House for his “Pride” celebration.

The pro-transgender political display prompted many complaints that he disrespected the nation’s flag, which is the primary symbol of the nation’s solidarity with its ordinary citizens.

Biden’s decision to center the controversial pink-and-blue-edged “Progress Pride” flag reflects the Democrats’ need to goad their young progressive voters into the voting booth in 2024, amid his economy of declining wages, rising rents, and expanding civic chaos.

Biden’s display — and the speeches at the event — offered progressives the distracting and uplifting 2024 role of supporting rights for “transgender people.”

Polls show that Americans are increasingly opposed to the transgender ideology, which says that government should help young people solve their personal and social problems by apparently changing their claimed sex. The opposition is growing as medical research exposes the dangers of debilitating and often-irresistible transgender medical procedures.

Many gays and lesbians also oppose the “Progress Pride” flag because it suggests that the pink-and-blue cause of transgenderism is taking over their rainbow flag.

Biden’s deputies quickly recognized the political danger of their choice to place transgenderism — and the gay flag for lesbians and gays — above the nation’s flag.

So they posted a distorted view of the flag display on Biden’s Twitter account:

The leading establishment-tied advocacy group for sexual minorities, the Human Rights Campaign, did not post an image of the flag display.

But a pro-transgender group, National Center for Transgender Equality, could not resist the temptation to broadcast their central place:

GOP politicians slammed Biden:

Critics responded that Biden’s display of political loyalties was a violation of U.S. law.

But pro-transgender activists argued that Biden’s flag display complied with the law because another U.S. flag was visible above the White House:

Critics also argued the flag display slighted other national priorities:

Biden’s supporters tried to shift the focus from the pro-transgender advocacy at the White House to a protest by a few unidentified people showing Nazi flags in Florida:

Many polls show that the transgender cause is getting even more unpopular. The decline in support comes as the public learns about the healthcare and civic damage caused by the transgender ideology’s demand that government suppress the public recognition that men and women are different and complementary.

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  1. I think that it’s a disgrace to see our president display their flag in place of America’s flag for a group of people who think ‘our constitution was written for fools’. And the fact that they would take 9- and 10-year-olds and subject them to irreversible transgender procedures is abominable. And this business that you can just identify as the other sex is just plain immature. They do not represent the principles of Liberty and Freedom that America stands for.

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