‘We Don’t Have to Hide’: NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Launches Anti-Woke Sports Apparel Brand

NBA Player Jonathan Isaac has shown his willingness years ago to stand on the basketball court while others kneel. Now, as corporate America seems determined to bend the knee to the radical left, Isaac is choosing to stand up for his beliefs again. This time by launching an anti-woke apparel brand aimed at supporting conservative values.

The 6’10 power forward took to Twitter to say that the same freedom corporations use to “undermine Christian values” is the same freedom he will use to “create an alternative.”

“You have companies that are in that field who have made a conscious decision to either attack or undermine Christian values, conservative values, and things like that,” Isaac said. “And I think they have the free choice to do so, as much as I disagree, but I feel that we also have the freedom to create what we want to create.

“UNITUS is a sports and apparel company, and the basis of it for me is freedom.”

“We can be proud of what we believe in. We don’t have to hide or be ashamed of it,” Isaac told Prager U’s Amala Ekpunobi for the documentary Unwoke Inc.

Amid the backdrop of collapsing morality and attacks on Christian beliefs, Isaac admonished, “As the day continues to get darker and darker and crazier and crazier — you standing up for what you believe is only going to get harder — but it’s only going to become more and more necessary.”

Standing up for what he believes in is something Isaac has done figuratively and literally. The former Seminole gained national headlines in 2020 when he bucked the trend of athletes kneeling for the national anthem by standing while his teammates and opponents knelt before the start of their games.

Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic stands for the National Anthem prior to the game against the Brooklyn Nets during a scrimmage on July 31, 2020 at...

Jonathan Isaac, #1 of the Orlando Magic, stands for the National Anthem before the game against the Brooklyn Nets during a scrimmage on July 31, 2020, at HP Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. (David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Isaac’s Christian faith, which served as the basis for his rejection of BLM’s divisive narrative and the NBA’s embrace of it, will serve as the foundation of Isaac’s UNITUS clothing brand, which launches in August.

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