WATCH: Kirby Scrambles for Answers When Reporter Finally Asks About Biden’s Corruption

Reporter Steven Nelson put National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby on the defensive when he asked him a question that we’d all like to know the answer to: what is Joe Biden’s response to the fact that most Americans think he’s corrupt?

Nelson pointed out how a committee was trying to get an FD-1023 form from the FBI which they were told about by a whistleblower that allegedly shows a bribery deal by then-Vice President Joe Biden in which money was given in exchange for policy actions. As we reported, House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) got some action on trying to get that form. First, the FBI finally admitted that it was real after trying to avoid saying that for a month. Then they also said that they would let Comer and Grassley view the form. But Comer said that wasn’t complying since his subpoena requested that they turn over the form to Congress. He said they would proceed with a contempt action against FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Nelson also brought up the Harvard-Harris poll that found that 53 percent of Americans — including a quarter of Democrats — believe that Joe Biden was involved with his son in an illegal influence peddling scheme when he was vice president. The reporter said that there was evidence that Joe Biden had interacted with a number of his “relatives’ associates from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.”

“What do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president himself is corrupt?” Nelson asked.

The response from Kirby was fascinating. He said, “Wow” and shook his head, trying to buy time to think of a viable answer to a very good question, because everything Nelson said was true. He probably couldn’t look him in the eye either as he tried to think of what lies to spin out there. He then claimed that Biden “has spoken to this,” adding, “and there’s nothing to these claims.” He said as far as the whistleblower/bribery form was concerned, he believed the “FBI has spoken to that” and Nelson would have to ask them.

It’s disturbing that they can lie like this, with such a lack of concern for the truth.

No, Joe Biden has not “spoken” to this except to deny that he knew anything about his son’s business. Not only hasn’t Joe disproven any of the allegations, his claims that he didn’t know anything about his son’s financial escapades have been shown to be lies. They’ve been debunked over and over again by the evidence that Biden met with a number of Hunter’s business associates from a variety of foreign countries, not to mention Tony Bobulinksi who was to be the CEO of their new company that was connected to the Chinese. Nelson pointed out some of the countries the associates were from.

Biden hasn’t addressed the millions of dollars that went to his family from China, except to lie and say his son had never received any money from the People’s Republic.

Nor has the FBI settled the question of the bribery form. Indeed, they only just admitted they had it after stalling for a month. But Kirby doesn’t want to talk about that, because that could be a true smoking gun if it is as the whistleblower described it.

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  1. Starting with sob not elected fake president falling joe.
    To his chronic liar press sec kjp.
    To john kirby merrick garland Alejandro mayorkas
    Anthony blinkin Sonia sotomayor Lloyd austin and christoper wray and his fbi gangsters.
    This group of highly extensive lying mobs , makes people so sick with indignation.
    Enough is enough.
    I have no respect to this crooked bureaucrats. They are Not worthy: evil doers.
    Their name’s deserves to be at lower case alphabet.
    They deserve to be furlough.
    If subpoenas had been rejected.
    Joe Biden got karma by the sand bag.
    Next time he may just drop dead.
    Too bad for joe being used by deepstate leftwings.

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