Twin Babies Found Dead in Garbage, Teen Mom Accused

An investigation was launched when two infants were found dead in the garbage on Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio.

Police responded to the scene in the 2800 block of Ludlow Road and later said the mother of a 16-year-old girl called 911 for help when she found the infants laying in the trash, WKYC reported Sunday.

The babies were reportedly born Thursday night, and photos show authorities in the area following the discovery:

While speaking with authorities, the woman claimed her daughter told her she gave birth then “threw the babies in the garbage.”

 The woman also claimed she was unaware the girl had been pregnant. Now, the babies’ deaths are being investigated as a homicide, according to WKYC.

“I wish she would have just set them on my porch. But we don’t know her story, we don’t know if she panicked, we don’t know anything, you know what I’m saying? We can’t just assume she dumped them because she didn’t want them,” a neighbor told the outlet:

Meanwhile, Bedford police found the teenage suspect undergoing treatment at local hospital. WKYC later reported the teen mother had been arrested.

 The babies’ exact cause of death has yet to be determined, however, “Police say they will eventually present their findings to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office,” the WKYC article read.

One neighbor gasped when she learned about the recent discovery.

“I’m a single mom. I would never even conceive the thought of ever hurting my baby like that,” she told 19 News:

“It’s a lot but there are resources. There’s other single moms, you know, and nothing is wrong with going to talk to somebody when you’re down, feeling down. Postpartum is real,” the woman added.

Now, the Cleveland Fire Department and Cleveland Division of Police are reminding citizens of the safe haven law that protects babies, WKYC reported Monday:

“HB660, women giving birth outside the hospital setting can anonymously drop their babies off at a hospital or leave them in the care of a police officer or emergency medical worker with no questions asked,” the outlet quoted, adding the teenager is currently being held on child endangering charges.

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