Nolte: Disney Caves and Prepares to Stream ESPN

Soon Disney’s ESPN network will be available to cord-cutters as a standalone streaming service, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This is seismic, an inflection point—which I will explain after some background.

The child abusers at Disney did launch ESPN+, a standalone streaming outlet, in 2018. That service costs about $10 a month and has attracted around 25 million subscribers. But ESPN+ is not ESPN. If you want to watch the NBA or NFL, those games are only available on ESPN.

The original ESPN, which is only available via cable and satellite TV, is much more lucrative for Disney’s groomers. Currently available in 74 million American households, the ESPN network receives a whopping $9.42 per month per cable bill. What this means—and this is important—is that if ESPN is available on your cable package, you are funneling $9.42 per month to the groomers at Disney by way of ESPN.

It doesn’t matter if you watch ESPN or not. Either way, ESPN steals about $110 a year from you.

As awful and hateful as some streaming services are, at least those services must survive on merit. If you like Netflix or Hulu, or Disney+, you pay for the service. If you don’t like the service, you cancel. Cable and satellite TV are rackets. Tens of millions of Americans are paying thousands of dollars a year for a countless number of channels they never watch. Worse still, these hard-working Americans fund networks like MTV, CNN, MSNBC, the Disney Channels, and others that outright hate us.

For decades, and for all the reasons laid out above, cable and satellite TV have served as golden geese for these massive, left-wing multinational corporations.

Well, thanks primarily to streaming, cable TV is dying.

People are finally cutting the cable cord and moving to cheaper alternatives like streaming, the Internet, and what they can pick up on an outside antenna.

Better still, the cord-cutting movement is accelerating in ways only a few of us predicted. In the last quarter, 2.3 million Americans cut the cord. Currently, although the American population has increased by 80 million people since then, the number of households that pay for cable TV is down to 1990 levels.

People have had enough.

Cord cutting has already cost groomer outfits like Disney a fortune. For example: “In the most recent quarter, income from Disney’s traditional television networks, including ESPN, fell significantly to $1.8 billion, from $2.8 billion in the year-earlier quarter.”

There’s even worse news for these entertainment outlets… While America moves to streaming, most of these outlets are losing a ton of money on their streaming services. For example, last year, Disney lost $4 billion on Disney+ and then lost four million subscribers. But that’s what the demonic Disney deserves for trying to groom small children using drag queens, transvestites, and other perversions.

So why is this ESPN news seismic, an inflection point? Two reasons…

First, it’s a surrender to reality. The last thing these entertainment outlets want is to acknowledge the golden goose of cable TV is dying.

Second, and most important, making ESPN available as a standalone streaming service will accelerate the death of cable TV. Millions likely subscribe to cable TV just to get ESPN. But now, instead of paying $180 a month for ESPN through cable TV, they will pay $30 per month to stream ESPN—which hurts Disney elsewhere.

You see, Disney also collects monthly fees from your cable bill for some or all of their other networks: ABC Television, ABC Family, all four FX networks, three Disney channels, two A&E channels, three Lifetime channels, four History channels… That’s a ton of monthly revenue Disney loses with each cut of the cord.

Something else that should be worrying Disney’s degenerates is that as people move to streaming, they will discover a nearly limitless supply of free TV and movies. It might not be the newest or hottest shows, but you will find plenty to keep you entertained through free streaming services like Pluto, Free TV, Tubi, Roku TV, and countless others. Yes, there are commercials, but right now, you dolts are paying $180 a month for 20 minutes of ads per hour on cable TV.

Stop subsidizing hate. If CNN is in your cable package, you are subsidizing hate.

Be a good American and cut the cord. My pretty wife and I did that more than seven years ago. It saved us a fortune, and the house no longer smells like shit.

Replace your cable box with a Roku player and behold all the free TV available, and with a lot fewer commercials.

Cutting the cable cords:

Hurts villains like Disney and CNN.

Saves you a fortune.

Removes the smell of shit from your house.

Win-win-win, y’all.

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