Finland’s Feminist ‘Party Girl’ Prime Minister Sanna Marin to Divorce Husband

Finland’s outgoing ‘party girl’ Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced she will be divorcing her husband following a series of scandals, including apparent infidelity.

Sanna Marin, 37, who is serving in a caretaker role as prime minister of Finland until a new government can be formed, announced this week that her husband Markus Raikkonen will be getting a divorce. The couple, married in 2020, have a five-year-old daughter.

“We are grateful for the 19 years together and our beloved daughter,” Marin said according to the BBC, adding: “We will continue to spend time together as a family and with each other.”

While the outgoing PM didn’t reveal the reason why she was separating from Raikkonen, Marin faced high-profile scandals over her perceived party lifestyle, such as allegations of drug use as well as footage seeming to show her “dancing intimately” with a man who was apparently not her husband.

A video also surfaced on social media showing emerged on social media showing two topless women kissing in her official government residence, after which she was forced to issue a public apology.

“We had sauna, swam, and spent time together… that kind of a picture should not have been taken but otherwise, nothing extraordinary happened at the get-together.”

Marin, a darling of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), became the world’s youngest prime minister when she took office in 2019. She announced last month that she would be stepping down from her post after her coalition government lost out in the election against the populist National Coalition Party.

During her tenure in office, Marin oversaw one of the most radical changes to Finnish foreign policy in the history of the country, with the traditionally neutral Nordic nation joining the American-led NATO alliance in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which Finland shares a land border with.

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