In the Biden Administration, Incompetent Cabinet Members Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Transportation. Energy. Labor. These areas are key to our nation’s infrastructure and what helps to unify the United States of America. After having taken a cross-country trip on some of those “racist roads” Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg likes to spout about, I had a birds-eye view of just how dependent we are on the sound and fluid operation of our transportation systems, not to mention their safety, and maintenance. So, why has the Biden administration promoted incompetent people to helm these positions of great importance?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Remember Deputy Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Samuel Brinton? We would all like to forget about him, but he is one shining example of this very incompetence, as well as the Biden administration’s agenda to promote equity and diversity over actual competence and experience.

Brinton proudly proclaimed his non-binary status. I know a lot of smart people with lots of experience in some pretty high-level areas. They neither brag about their intellect, their sexual orientation, or their gender affiliation. Competent, smart, and secure people have no need to.

Brinton felt the need to brag about all of the above. As the first “gender non-binary” official in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, Brinton needed you to know that he used they/them pronouns, liked to cross-dress and wear makeup, and had an Instagram account to prove it. When he was tapped as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, he spoke with Yahoo Life:

After years of looking into nuclear energy and the best ways to dispose of the radioactive waste and nuclear fuel that comes with it, Brinton became Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition for the U.S. Department of Energy — and, with that, the first openly genderfluid person to work in federal government.

“I can’t change my identity more than anyone can change intrinsic parts about themselves, but I can change my openness. And so I am given the opportunity to serve my country as I am, and that’s a really important aspect of my work — because I work on nuclear waste management, where transparency and honesty and trust building are so critical,” Brinton tells Yahoo Life. “So if I can’t be myself, it’s really hard to build those relationships. I’m proud to say that, yes, I get to be the first openly genderfluid person in this type of government service, but I won’t be the last.”

The expression, “loose lips sink ships,” fits here, as it was all this braggadocio that was Brinton’s undoing. In December 2022, Brinton was quietly relieved of his government service role. Not because of his incompetence, but because he was caught on camera, twice, stealing women’s luggage from the airport.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Controversial Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton, recently charged with stealing women’s luggage on at least two occasions, has been fired after felony charges were filed twice against the “non-binary” cross-dresser. The kicker: A psychotherapist warned lawmakers about Brinton’s past behavior, multiple times

Vanity Fair even did a fashion article about Sam Brinton—where he posed in the stolen designs by Tanzanian fashion designer Asyakhamsin, who often traveled with her custom wardrobe between that country and her home in Houston.

Sam Brinton is gone now, but not forgotten; despite the government sites that once loudly and proudly displayed his profile being scrubbed. But again, it wasn’t his incompetence that felled him (although given time it may have been the case), but his corrupt fetishes. Stealing women’s luggage from airport carousels and then sporting your pilfered goods in public? There is something mentally unsound about that. But this appears to be totally on brand for the type of persons the Biden administration chooses for executive-level positions.

The handling of nuclear energy is not a joke, and with America’s Biden-inflicted energy woes, it could be a game changer in moving the country back into energy independence. So, Biden chooses to promote the most unserious, and in terms of government secrets and intel, dangerously unhinged person they can find to be the face of this program.

Hard to believe that this is just a fluke. The fact that over all the Democrat candidates available for the Secretary of Transportation position, the Biden administration chose to promote Mr. Howdy-Doody, failed presidential candidate and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg to Secretary of Transportation speaks volumes.

As everyone knows, I am no fan of former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and, in my view, he should have seen the inside of a prison cell instead of being confirmed as Ambassador to India. However, had Biden chosen him as Transportation Secretary, it would have at least appeared to be a sound choice. Garcetti had some experience with large-scale transportation infrastructure since the entire rail system in Los Angeles occurred during his watch as a City Councilman and then as Mayor. Garcetti also has experience running things into the ground and stomping all over them, as we see from the state in which he left the mayorship.

Buttigieg has no record of anything except incompetence, stumbling around, taking long vacations and maternity leave in the midst of supply-chain crises and train derailments. It is clear Buttigieg doesn’t know his right hand from his left, and his deer-in-the-headlights, dumbfounded visage, while he emits talking points about MAGA Republicans and racist roads from his pie hole, is the last thing anyone wants to see when their flights have been canceled or another train crashes and spews hazardous waste in their town.

Yet, here we are.

And Democrat lawmakers co-sign this foolishness, gushing over a request that is part of the job of the Secretary of Transportation as if it is something unprecedented. I present Vermont Rep. Rosa DeLauro:

Representative Rosa DeLauro praised Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his plan to invest in female crash test dummies, something she claims is an important step to fight “gender inequity.”
DeLauro is referencing Buttigieg’s current request before Congress seeking $20 million in the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) proposed 2024 fiscal budget to develop the dummies.
And while many people would roll their eyes at yet another virtue-signaling attempt at wokeism from the Biden administration official, DeLauro finds the push for gender-specific crash test dummies to be a watershed moment in the fight for equality.
“You also plan to make important investments to address the roadway safety crisis, including the critical funding that would accelerate the development – and this is an area that I’ve written to you about – of the use of female dummies in crash testing,” she said to Buttigieg at a House Appropriations subcommittee last week.
“This will start to fight the gender inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims.”

Herein lies the tragedy: This is a serious subject made unserious by the person presenting it. Without the administration realizing it, it disproves the gender agenda lies: If gender is an interchangeable construct, why do we need to develop female dummies to the tune of $20 million dollars? If there is no difference between biological males and females in terms of women’s sports, then why do you need to create a special category of crash-test dummy for vehicle safety standards?

Make it make sense. But, the nonsensical Buttigieg cannot.

The Trifecta is complete with Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. The Al Gore acolyte and former Governor of Michigan has always been a useless shill, and insufferable to boot. Every hearing or interview she comes off smug and sanctimonious, as if she is wondering why the stupid middle-America plebes would expect anything more than the crumbs of attention she has to give. Her latest turn? Pushing all-electric vehicles for the military by 2030, with conviction and a straight face

She spouts about “homegrown, clean energy,” as though she was not the agent in charge of closing fracking and natural gas production in the United States. Inconsistent much? Especially in light of four trips in a five-month period to Puerto Rico that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is requiring her to account for.

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Granholm on Tuesday asking her to provide more details on her travel—the energy secretary traveled to the island at least four times in five months, the Washington Free Beacon reported last month, including a weeklong visit in February and another over spring break.
“The frequency and duration of these trips raise concerns regarding your attention to your other duties, particularly in light of climbing energy costs and intensifying threats to the United States’ energy independence,” said House Energy and Commerce chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R., Wash.) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R., Va.), chairman of the subcommittee on oversight in a letter to Granholm on Tuesday.
The lawmakers asked Granholm to turn over an “itemized list of expenses incurred during the duration of your travels for yourself and all accompanying staff,” as well as a “list of official activities and meetings undertaken during your travels and all accompanying meeting minutes.”
The Department of Energy has defended the trip, noting that Granholm is focused on helping to modernize Puerto Rico’s struggling power grid, which was significantly damaged after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Six years and two administrations later, and we’re concerned about this? A territory that has proven they corruptly waste any help they are given? Especially when the rest of America’s own power grid is also struggling? This is suspect, and so is Granholm. She is corrupt as she is incompetent.

With the Senate hearing last week to try and confirm Deputy Secretary of Labor Julie Su as the Secretary of Labor, we once again get to watch the Biden administration push incompetence over experience and a sound record of accomplishment. RedState has documented why Su is the worst choice for any administrative position, let alone this one. But the fact that the Biden administration continues to try and promote these types for executive-level cabinet positions shows they are not interested in maintaining the threads that hold the fabric of the country’s infrastructure together, they are intent on ripping it apart.

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