Megyn Kelly Sets Keith Olbermann on Fire During Segment on Tucker Carlson

For obvious reasons, Tucker Carlson’s ouster from Fox News has dominated the political conversation ever since the news broke. His popularity coupled with an independent streak that made both sides of the aisle squirm left him without an equal in the mediasphere.

Megyn Kelly, herself a former Fox News host, discussed the topic on her podcast. As RedState reported, she slammed the network for making the move, noting that Carlson will almost certainly come out stronger in the end. That’s my read as well. He’ll now be free to control his own destiny, and someone with his level of talent has the potential to dominate the podcasting world (that’s where I suspect he goes next).

Keith Olbermann, the deranged, unemployed far-left talking head, apparently didn’t like Kelly’s suggestion, though. He lashed out in response, accusing her of being fired by Fox News. She then set him on fire with a takedown for the ages.

Even Keith Olbermann was saying similar things, comparing Tucker to a nazi. He also, for good measure, decided to tweet about me because I said Tucker is going to be better off without Fox, and he said something to the effect of “You got fired from Fox and NBC, what would you know about it?”
So first of all, you mistake the circumstances of my departure from NBC, sir. That’s all I’m allowed to say about it. And as for Fox, there were widely reported facts that I was offered $100 million to stay there, but the record is very clear that I left voluntarily because I wanted to raise my family.
Something you don’t know anything about because no one would marry you, and you have no children. You have a cold, lonely life in which you’ve become a bitter, bitter man. Something I wouldn’t know anything about because my life is joyful and I’ve managed to raise my own children, and someday, I hope you have that pleasure, but I don’t have high hopes of that happening.

My word, there’s nothing left of Olbermann after that. He simply ceases to exist. But as harsh as her critique was, she’s right, and someone needed to say it.

Olbermann has become one of the most vitriolic, delusional voices on the left. He spends most of his time calling anyone who disagrees with him a nazi while making vulgar proclamations of which he knows nothing. He offers zero value to any political discussion

Here are just a few examples of his typical discourse.

So yeah, bitter is the right word to use. Olbermann is in his 60s now. He’s unmarried, childless, and has seen his career flounder to the point of only having a podcast no one listens to. He’s been reduced to milking his dwindling social media following for likes in order to deliver the increasingly rare dopamine hits that he so desperately craves.

Most of us who comment on politics have a life outside of this arena. Aside from the fact that family and religion are simply more important than who the president is, that’s also one of the most important ways of maintaining one’s sanity. Olbermann didn’t bother, though, and he’s clearly lost his. His entire persona is wrapped up in visceral hatred. It’s a sad scene, but he made his bed, and Kelly’s takedown was well deserved.

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