The Biden WH Has No Clue How Its Radical ‘Environmental Justice’ Order Helps

In recent press briefings, President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre were asked to explain the administration’s so-called “environmental justice” order, which neither could entirely do. 

Biden stumbled his way through explaining what his executive order does, which will require every federal government agency to incorporate “environmental justice” into its mission. 

“Under this order, environmental justice will become the responsibility of every single federal agency,” Biden said, whatever that means. 

In a separate press conference, Jean-Pierre was asked how the progressive order would benefit East Palestine, Ohio, the area recovering from a toxic train derailment.

She dodged the question and instead focused on the Biden Administration’s climate agenda, insisting that the president has the most eager plan to combat the issue than any other U.S. president. But she has absolutely no clue how Biden’s radical order will help Americans. 

“I think what’s important to note about this environmental justice EO is the president’s continued support in his climate agenda, his ambitious climate agenda,” Jean-Pierre said, adding, “He has the most ambitious climate agenda than any other president in history and one way that you can look at this today is that he’s continuing to deliver on that ambitious agenda and he’s not done yet … this is a continuing continuation of what he’s promised the American people.”

She continued telling reporters that the president is committed to fighting so-called “climate change” despite Biden having no plans to visit East Palestine. 

All in all, the order seems like nonsense that will do nothing more than virtue signal that the White House is doing something about the environment without taking action. 

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