Hunter Biden Lawyer Freaks out About the Whistleblower, Says Too Much in the Process

As RedState reported, a whistleblower from within the IRS criminal division came forward on Thursday to allege that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s probable criminality was being obstructed for political reasons. The person in question didn’t just bring idle claims either.

According to the whistleblower’s lawyer, they not only have proof of scandalous misconduct, but they also have documented evidence that AG Merrick Garland committed perjury in furtherance of a cover-up.

Ironically, instead of shutting up, Hunter Biden’s lawyer is now freaking out over the matter. On Friday, he asserted that the whistleblower likely committed crimes in coming forward despite the fact that whistleblowers are supposed to be given governmental protection (Free Beacon).

Biden lawyer Chris Clark said in a statement Thursday that “it appears this IRS agent has committed a crime” by “improperly disclos[ing] information about an ongoing tax investigation.” Clark was responding to bombshell claims from a senior IRS special agent who says the Biden Justice Department has stalled an investigation into Biden’s taxes for political reasons. The whistleblower also claims that Attorney General Merrick Garland gave misleading testimony last month when he insisted that the U.S. attorney in Delaware, who has led the Biden probe since 2018, has been allowed to proceed unencumbered.

“It’s really unfortunate that statement was made,” Mark Lytle, a lawyer for the whistleblower, said in response to Clark’s statement. Lytle, a veteran whistleblower attorney, added that his client expected to be attacked for coming forward and that “attacks like [Clark’s] were really what he was worried about.” He said Clark’s statements will likely thwart future whistleblowers from coming forward. “I don’t think it helps whistleblowers as a whole,” Lytle said.

The cognitive dissonance is just incredible to witness. Hunter Biden is currently facing the possibility of at least four charges according to reports, including for tax evasion and gun crimes, and his lawyer has the audacity to accuse a whistleblower of breaking the law. I’d call it shameless, but that would degrade the meaning of the word.

Ask yourself, though, why Hunter Biden’s lawyer is even addressing this at all. That gives the game away as far as I’m concerned. If this investigation were no big deal and if the FBI didn’t actually have anything pointing to guilt, then there would be no reason to even comment. As it stands, it seems as if Hunter Biden’s camp is more upset they got caught here. Otherwise, they’d be making a case that the whistleblower is lying.

Over the last year or so, Hunter Biden and his lawyers have shifted strategies in an effort to win the public relations battle, which seems like a hopeless fight given everything we know. Still, they’ve threatened lawsuits against those who have reported on Hunter Biden’s escapades, most of which were revealed via his infamous laptop. This move to try to criminalize a government whistleblower is just the latest example of their unusual aggression. You would think this lawyer would be more worried about keeping his degenerate client out of jail instead of responding to a media report, but here we are.

Then there’s the hypocrisy of Democrats more broadly to note. These are the same people who described whistleblowers targeting Donald Trump as heroes. Yet, all of a sudden, they have no interest in a career IRS agent with a seemingly impeccable record exposing a cover-up. It’s completely transparent and political. Where’s Jamie Raskin at? Or Liz Cheney, for that matter?

In the end, it will be up to Republicans in the House to move the ball forward. They need to do what it takes to give this whistleblower the protections he needs so that they can speak freely. We are standing at the precipice of what could be the biggest political scandal in modern history. Nothing else comes close to a president using his hand-picked AG to keep his corrupt, woman-abusing son out of prison. Never mind that Joe Biden himself could end up implicated. Consider this uncharted territory.

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