Woke Disney Shattering Lives, Creating ‘Culture of Fear’ as Mass Layoffs Continue

Woke Disney is leaving behind a trail of emotional wreckage as company leaders continue the latest round of mass layoffs that will see a total of 7,000 people across the company’s numerous media properties lose their jobs.

A viral LinkedIn post that purports to be from a recently laid-off Disney employee paints a picture of sadness and despair, with the former employee saying she is still in “denial” about her situation. At ABC News, a “culture of fear” has descended upon the organization, with some saying the layoffs are being used as a pretext for settling old personal scores, according to a New York Post report.

The LinkedIn post comes from a woman identified as “Jeanette L.” who claims to have worked in a division called Disney Streaming Advanced Research.

“I’m still in denial about it as I write this. Disney is my dream workplace,” she wrote. “I am proud and beyond grateful to have landed within this group. Unfortunately, my entire department has been impacted by the #disneylayoffs and my Disney journey must come to an end.”

She concluded: “As I begin to regroup and take a moment to process what’s next for me, if you see any roles that would be a good fit for my background as a front end engineer, please let me know. It will be much appreciated.”

At ABC News, a “culture of fear” has taken over the newsroom, with the Post reporting that ABC News president Kim Godwin is the source of the plunge in morale.

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As Breitbart News reported, Godwin recently sent heads rolling at ABC News as part of Disney’s layoffs, eliminating dozens of individuals, including several high-ranking news executives.

“Everyone says it was a score-settling and that it was badly handled,” one source told the Post, saying people who had been at the company for over two decades were told to leave without any explanation.

“Somebody called it the ‘Red Wedding,’” the source added, referring to a bloody massacre scene from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Another insider told the Post that Godwin and her new leadership group have taken the “keys to the car” and turned ABC News’ culture of asking questions and being inquisitive into a “culture of fear.”

“ABC News is an organization built on questioning but under Kim, there will be no questioning ever,” the source said.

The Walt Disney Company  is laying off 7,000 employees as part of an effort to rebound from a disastrous 2022 that saw the company’s stock plunge 44 percent and its profitability take a surprising hit, resulting in the firing of CEO Bob Chapek late last year.

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