Watch: DC Council Chair Claims ‘There Is No Crime Crisis,’ It Backfires Almost Immediately

Democrats and their media allies have been gaslighting the hell out of the American people for years now about the crime crisis (and their response to it) going on in Democrat-run cities in this country.

But a statement made by D.C Council Chair Phil Mendelson (D) about the crime problems plaguing our nation’s capital city during a Congressional hearing on Wednesday just might take the cake as the Political Gaslighting Moment of All Time – especially considering what happened not long after Mendelson made the incredible claim.

The focus of the House Oversight Committee hearing was to discuss “Overdue Oversight of the Capital City” in the midst of the ongoing debate over whether or not the D.C. Council’s unanimously-passed 450-page overhaul of the city’s criminal code, which was rejected by both the GOP-run House and the Democrat-run Senate earlier this year – and Joe Biden as well – was too woke in a city already plagued with alarmingly high rises in crime rates.

During the hearing, however, Mendelson proclaimed that though it was important to take people’s feelings into consideration when it comes to crime, that there was no crime crisis in D.C.:

“With regard to crime, yes, there is considerable concern. But while perception is important, the reality is less concerning. Let me be clear: People should feel safe and it is a problem that many residents of the district don’t,” D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson told the House Committee on Oversight.

“I know this belies the common belief — and when it comes to crime, how people feel is important — but there is not a crime crisis in Washington, D.C.” Mendelson said.


Sadly, it was as Mendelson was telling whoppers on Capitol Hill when tragedy struck yet again:

DC Real Time News later posted an update that noted “MPD has stated the individual who was transported with gunshot wound injuries is an adult male, not a juvenile.”

Then there was this:

And on Saturday, a staffer for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) suffered a vicious attack less than two miles from the Capitol building where he was stabbed multiple times and sustained life-threatening injuries. The suspect in the case, Glynn Neal, had just been released from prison the day before the violent assault.

Fortunately, Neal is in police custody and the staffer’s family has said that the staffer – Phillip Todd – is on his way to making a full recovery.

As for Mendelson, he can run away from D.C. crime stats all he wants, but unfortunately for him – and the city’s residents, the receipts don’t lie.

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