PRESLER: The Wisconsin Supreme Court Race is the Most Consequential Election of 2023

You hear it every presidential election: “This is the most important election of your lifetime.” Well, when speaking of the Wisconsin Spring election on April 4th, it is the most consequential election of 2023.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is currently comprised of four conservatives and three liberals. However, one conservative is retiring. This means that if we are not successful at electing Justice Daniel Kelly, then the Court will flip to liberal.

Why should you care? I have traveled to 30 states in the last few years and the single most important issue conservatives care about is election integrity. Listen to me clearly: If we do not elect Justice Daniel Kelly on April 4th, the newly flipped liberal Court will strike down Wisconsin’s current voter ID law. Additionally, proof of residency – which is required to register to vote – will be nullified. Furthermore, unmanned drop boxes, which were deemed illegal by the current conservative Court, will become legal. There will be drop boxes on every street corner in Madison and Milwaukee.

While everyone is loudly debating President Trump versus Governor DeSantis, they should be prioritizing this Wisconsin Supreme Court election. The White House runs through Wisconsin. If liberals flip the Court, it will be that much more difficult to win the White House in 2024. Therefore, it would behoove any conservatives with intentions of making Joe Biden a one-term president to support Justice Daniel Kelly.

The second most important issue conservatives care about is medical freedom. During the pandemic, democrat Governor Tony Evers shut down Wisconsin. He even extended the stay-at-home order into May 2020. Do you know who was the deciding vote to reopen Wisconsin’s schools, businesses, and churches? It was Justice Daniel Kelly. Should the Court flip to liberal, there will be no protections against medical tyranny and the Republican-led legislature will be powerless to stop any lockdowns.

To our hunters and Second Amendment supporters, gun rights are on the ballot. To our moms and dads wanting the best education for their children, school choice is on the ballot. To voters wanting to stop the liberals from gerrymandering congressional and state seats, fair maps are on the ballot.

Wisconsin is one election away from becoming Illinois. You have the power to save Wisconsin and the Supreme Court. Make a plan to vote for Justice Daniel Kelly on April 4th. It has been snowing almost every day, so consider voting early. You can find out more about in-person absentee voting by visiting

You can also support Justice Daniel Kelly at

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