Hunter Reportedly Fears White House Will Throw Him Under the Bus to Protect the Administration

In this episode of As the Screw Turns…

Oh, this is getting good, sports fans. Hunter Biden and his allies reportedly don’t trust the “paranoid” White House to defend Joe Biden’s crackhead son and the family’s business associates from the troubling revelations uncovered by the Republican-majority House Oversight Committee.

According to Puck News’ Tara Palmeri, the White House’s public relations strategy, which is led by Biden Senior Advisor Anita Dunn, is geared towards protecting the Biden administration over the Biden Family Business.

Palmeri further said the White House’s focus is contrary to Hunter’s interests, which should go without saying, but the question is, given Joe Biden’s propensity to lose his crap whenever Hunter’s business dealings are broached by a reporter, is Joe on board with his own administration’s strategy?

A source involved in Hunter’s legal defense said, in reference to Joe Biden’s classified document scandal:

Judging by how they handled the communications and P.R. effort during and after the documents scandal and the drip-drip-drip of endless cycles, it’s no wonder Hunter has no faith in them. Their response was baffling and flatfooted.

It makes sense that Hunter would want his own press apparatus when the White House can barely react to their own crisis without pissing off the press and donors and Democratic members of Congress.

See what I meant about the turning of the screw? If you want to grab some popcorn, we’ll wait.

As Breitbart reported, just since January, Hunter has hired at least four high-powered lawyers to combat investigations into himself and the family business. However, “team unity” didn’t last long. In March, criminal defense attorney Joshua Levy left after “unease and dissent” plagued the legal defense team.

So, while Hunter’s defense team scrambles to defend the wayward son, one tactic the White House has apparently opted for is to attempt to ignore the House Oversight Committee’s release of damning bank records — and here’s where it really gets good:

Hunter has confirmed the records exist, yet Joe continues to insist they don’t.

And as to be expected, Karine Jean Pierre, the ever-clueless White House press secretary, said on Wednesday:

Look, I’m — I’m just not going to respond to that from here. And I don’t even where to begin to even answer that question because, again, it’s been lies and lies and inaccuracy for the past couple years.

Stop the tape. The lying, KJP, is coming from your boss. When the crackhead son confirms the troubling bank records and the out-to-lunch, serial-lying father denies the records exist, you people have a real problem.

Here’s more related bad news for the White House, via Breitbart:

According to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), the recent trove of bank records that show Biden family members received $1.3 million from China is just the first of many revelations.

“One of the things that all of our whistleblowers have told us,” Comer told Just the News, “is that they were all — through these LLCs — paying for things for Joe Biden. So that’s very curious, you know.”

Comer added:

Biden was in on the game. But what we want to know is did he benefit personally from it? We know his family did. But did he benefit personally — and that’s what we’re investigating.

So let’s think this through a bit before we close this one down.

If Joe Biden didn’t benefit personally, why is Hunter Biden so freaked out? (I got this one) Because “the Big Guy” must have benefited personally, or there’d be no reason for the “paranoid” White House to throw the crackhead son under the bus.

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