Kellyanne Conway: Jared Kushner ‘Benefitted in the Billions’ from Previous Presidency

Fox News contributor and former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Thursday on FNC’s “The Story” that former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner “benefitted in the billions” from the Trump presidency.

The panel was discussing the House Oversight Committee press release stating that relatives of President Joe Biden received $1.3 million between 2015 and 2017 from an associate with ties to China.

Anchor Martha MacCallum said, “You know, there’s obviously comparisons. There was a lot of discussion during the Trump White House years that there was collusion with Russia. There were massive investigations, millions of dollars spent, and always the question, you know, what are they getting in return? So, do you have the same question for the Biden family when you look at this money transaction? What was China getting in return? Is that something Americans must know?

Fox News contributor Juan Williams said, “Well, we haven’t established Congresswoman Mace when asked did you establish a connection going to Beau Biden’s widow and the Chinese. She said we’ll continue investigating. She can’t say there’s any tie, and I can’t say there’s any tie.”

He continued, “When you mention what’s going on with the Trump administration, Jamie Raskin is on to this as well, the congressman from Maryland on the committee, he said, why aren’t we investigating the Trump accounting firms? Why don’t you look into things like Jared Kushner getting $2 billion directly from the Saudis after former President Trump bragged about protecting the Saudi prince?”

Martha MacCallum said, “Kellyanne, is that a fair question about Jared Kushner?”

Conway said, “Well, Jared, of course, is the only person I think who has benefitted in the billions – with a ‘B’ – from the Trump presidency. That’s for sure. But look, I think whataboutism isn’t going to work here.”

She added, “This happened when Joe Biden was the sitting vice president.”

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