Pelosi and the WH Team’s Preposterous (and Dangerous) Remarks on China

Joe Biden and the Democrats just don’t seem to appreciate the threats from China. Or maybe it’s just that Biden wants to bend over for them at every moment. How many times have we heard him go on about his discussions with China’s leader Xi Jinping at this point? That spawned this infamous comment from Biden, with what he supposedly said to Xi.

But the problem is that Joe Biden doesn’t take the threat from China seriously. China is playing for keeps here, they intend to be the dominant world power and we’re seeing it now as they are reaching out around the world in areas where the U.S. used to be dominant. Joe Biden distanced himself from Saudi Arabia by getting into a very public fight with their leader. Now Saudi Arabia and Iran — who were sworn enemies — have agreed to restore diplomatic relations. That was achieved through the intercession of China, and the failure of Joe Biden. That changes the nature of the Middle East and it’s a bad thing for both the U.S. and Israel. Biden’s response? What he said made no sense.

But what happened was the opposite of “better” relations for Israel.

It also shows Biden’s failure to understand the importance of China being involved in that agreement. This is the same guy who in response to the Chinese spy balloon downplayed it, saying it was “not a major breach” and then insisted to China that we didn’t seek conflict with them, acting like a whipped dog. They’re active all around the world while Joe sits on his hands.

But unfortunately, a bad approach to China is a systemic policy problem among the Democrats and the Biden administration, it’s not just a Joe Biden issue.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen remarkable displays of ignorance on the subject from the Biden team.

So they just sent a spy balloon over our country, they’re threatening Taiwan, we have all kinds of things tied up with China rather than building our independence, they told all kinds of lies about COVID, but this is the Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, not seeming to understand what she’s saying, saying she doesn’t see any problem with “coupling” with one of our biggest adversaries.

I wrote a story about the Chinese spy cranes last week, does Raimondo even know about that?

The Wall Street Journal broke the story about the cranes which are used at our shipping ports to help unload and load ships. An estimated 80 percent of ship-to-shore cranes operating at our ports are made by ZPMC, a China-based manufacturer which is raising concerns about national security and the possibility that they could be operating like “Trojan horses.”

That could endanger all of our shipping if that went south and there are such situations on all fronts. And there are all kinds of “couplings” like that which are potentially problematic where we could be held hostage or be sabotaged. Why? Because we aren’t cultivating our security independence. Of course, maybe she doesn’t care about any of these issues because her husband is reportedly a top executive at a tech firm funded by the Chinese government. So just like Joe Biden, there are “connections.”

Why is the Biden team all in with China — a Communist adversary? It’s madness but let’s hear what Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on Friday. Now, this is a full-on delusion as she describes how China “has been very sensitive” about climate change concerns and we “could learn from what China is doing.”

Of course, this is nonsense since China is one of the worst polluters in the world. China only truly cares about what will advance them. Imagine what she’s saying here — that everyone else isn’t spending enough. The Biden team has already driven inflation up with the crazy spending including on the climate change agenda. Yet they want to spend even more. But they’re nuts on this subject, as Granholm revealed.


Then on Monday, there was former House Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying that we can’t go after China with a “cudgel” because we have to work with them on “climate change.”

Can you imagine what we could have done at this point had the Democrats focused on holding China accountable for their COVID lies, with all the time they’ve been spending on climate change? We can’t go after them with a “cudgel”? How about just holding them accountable for what we know they did? This is just madness. I can assure Nancy Pelosi that China’s first thought about us isn’t how they can work with us to “save the planet”; it’s about what they do to outstrip us across the world. This is why China is running over us on every front, even in the diplomatic arena now as well, because the Democrats with Biden in charge are asleep at the switch, or perhaps worse, completely in bed with the idea of the Chinese ascendancy.

So what does Pelosi have to say about our leader who is asleep at the switch? As former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki accidentally admitted, he doesn’t do anything before 9 a.m. He goes “early to bed” as well. So when does he work? But here’s Nancy on what a magnificent leader old Joe is. After all, he is younger than her, you know.

Magnificent? If magnificent means incoherent and should retire, then, yes, she’s correct. Imagine how funny it is when she tries to cover for him when she says he’s younger than her. That’s just another argument for why she should be gone too.

These are the folks we have in charge and boy does it feel like they’re selling us down the river. What a scary reality that is. 2024 and tossing them out can’t come soon enough.

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