GOP Rep. Turner: Fauci Is on TV Contradicting Intelligence on Lab Leak

Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci is going on television to contradict the intelligence which suggests the possibility of a laboratory leak causing the coronavirus pandemic.

Partial transcript as follows:

RADDATZ: I want to turn to Covid origins. You’ve said that you believe Covid originated from a Chinese lab leak based on significant evidence. The Department of Energy said it has concluded the same, but with low confidence. Why are you so certain?

TURNER: Well, actually what I said is, I think there’s significant evidence that lends itself to that. And – and I still do. That’s why you just saw unanimously both the Senate and the House pass legislation demanding that the administration declassify the intelligence the intelligence community has with respect to Covid-19. It is incredibly frustrating for members of Congress to watch Dr. Fauci go on television and say things that are absolutely not supported by the intelligence. We’re seeing the intelligence. It’s not like we voted to say, show us the intelligence. We’ve seen it. We’ve voted to say, show the American people. They’re not getting the straight answer from Dr. Fauci or from this administration. They need to be able to see for themselves that they — what has occurred. And I understand that Dr. Fauci has a reason to say that there was not a lab leak, because he was actively working to fund the lab in Wuhan. So, you see a gentleman who is biased.

RADDATZ: I think Dr. Fauci would dispute that.

TURNER: Well, I think the evidence totally shows it, that there is funds over which he has control that ended up at the Wuhan lab. So, at this time, you’ve got a guy who’s going on national television, I believe, and I think members of Congress believe, saying things that are not reflected in the intelligence. So, our view is, show the American public the intelligence and then you — Martha, you can have the intelligence in front of you. And the next time Dr. Fauci’s on you can say, hey, but the intelligence actually says x, and you can challenge him.

RADDATZ: Well, we’ll see if that happens and we’ll see if China ever cooperates. That’s important as well.

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