Major California City Publishes Official ‘Road Map’ to All-Electric By 2045

California continues its slide into the Dark Ages.

The city of Santa Monica has released their “Electrification Roadmap” for building owners. The “roadmap” will be a guide to completing the city’s codified transition to all-electric buildings by 2045. At that time, buildings will be required to be rid of all gas hook-ups, and beginning last January 1st, all new buildings in Santa Monica must be all electric.

From The Santa Monica Lookout:

The plan limits the installation of new fossil fuel appliances by 2030 and requires all buildings within the city limits to completely transition to all-electric by 2045.

“Buildings account for over 30 percent of the City’s carbon emissions, primarily from burning natural gas for space and water heating,” City official said.

“The Existing Building Electrification Roadmap outlines a holistic approach to equitably electrifying Santa Monica’s existing buildings, which tend to be less efficient than newer buildings and account for the majority of building emissions,” officials said.

Starting in 2025, property owners must “meet (a) minimum efficiency standard” before they can renew a rental license or make “prescriptive upgrades” when they sell.

Following that, in 2027, renovated properties will have to follow guidelines for “allowable electric building systems.” By 2028, Santa Monica will regulate any energy systems that need to be replaced. Buildings will also be required to include electric vehicle chargers.

Santa Monica is already one of the most expensive cities in California, the most expensive state in the union. Natural gas is much less expensive than electric. The ocean-side city joins a growing number of California cities moving away from affordable energy, which means the state is on track to price out nearly everyone who isn’t wealthy or on welfare.

If anyone thinks Biden’s plan to nix gas stoves is just a one-off, think again. This is a carefully planned strategy straight from the bowels of the California beast. It is a plan to reduce independence and increase reliance on government – after all, the government can turn off your electricity with the flip of a switch, or even limit it. That’s not so easy with gas. It’s also a plan to make independent life unaffordable. If the elitists like the ones in Santa Monica have their way, we all be on government welfare, with the chosen few wealthy enough to live above the inconveniences of the peasants.

Regression is the name of the game, and it is no longer limited to California.

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