Top WH Economic Advisor Laughably Claims Americans Are Better Off Financially Than They Were Pre-Pandemic

Joe Biden and his team are constantly selling us a pack of lies when it comes to the economy.

But sometimes they sink to new depths in the amount of hooey that they try to sell us. If they’re looking to hit those depths but they’ve worn out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s ability to sling bull, they send out NEC Director Brian Deese.

Listen to his response as he’s asked about the ABC/WaPo poll that 41 percent of Americans say that they’re worse off financially under Joe Biden, showing a “disconnect” from Biden’s claim that the “economy is strong.”

No, it isn’t the American people who have a “disconnect” — it’s Joe Biden and his people who continue to lie to you. He just told you a straight-up lie, claiming that two-thirds of the people in the poll think they’re better off. That’s not what the poll said at all. 42 percent said it was about the same and 16 percent said they felt they were better off. It’s the highest number of people who say they are worse off in the poll’s history, in their nearly 40 years of polling.

On top of that, less than one-third of Democrats want him renominated and in a hypothetical rematch, Trump has the edge, 48 to 44. More than half the country disapproves of Biden. But they don’t want to talk about all that, and that’s why Deese is lying about the numbers.

Deese also falsely claimed that “on average, American households are in a better position than they were when the pandemic hit.” No, sorry, people didn’t have to think about going to loansharks to buy eggs under President Donald Trump.

But they weren’t going to let him get away with such a demonstrable falsehood over the poll numbers. One of the reporters busted Deese big time, saying no, it’s only 16 percent who think things are better under Biden. Deese laughs about that.

Is it funny that so few people feel they’re doing better? How could that prompt a laugh? Or was he laughing because he knew he just got busted and had hoped to slip it by people? I can assure him I don’t know anyone who thinks they are financially better off now than they were before the pandemic hit.

Then what if the recession that they’ve denied we are in gets worse? “What do you think the odds are of a recession,” the reporter asked, failing to acknowledge that Biden has already hit the metrics for “recession.” Deese must have been taking word salad lessons from Kamala Harris because this was a beauty of incoherence.

“The takeaway that we take is, um, less to look at the, um, you know, uh, the infinite predictions that are out there that we study, um, uh, those analysis along with others,” Deese sputtered.

Uh-huh. That plan and a nickel wouldn’t be worth enough to get you on the subway. This is the same team who couldn’t even be honest about inflation when it hit and had to be hog-tied into finally admitting it was real. But yeah, let’s trust their “plan.” They don’t give a darn about any of us, it’s all just about saying whatever they think will keep them in power.

These guys just have no shame and at this point, it must be a contest to see who can lie the worst to us.

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