What Christopher Wray Said at the WEF Raises More Questions

As I wrote earlier, there are a lot of powerful folks meeting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos over the past few days, from the heads of liberal media like the chair of the NY Times to Biden officials and politicians.

Here is a list of U.S. public figure officials who were in attendance, in addition to all kinds of media and businesses including Black Rock and people from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A couple of people on the list drew particular concern: Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, and FBI Director Christopher Wray. What exactly were they doing there?

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) raised a question about Wray. Twitter head Elon Musk weighed in saying it “Does seem odd.”

Avril Haines was speaking about Ukraine and said that we should support them as much as possible.

That raises a lot of questions as to how long we’re going to continue to pour money into Ukraine without some kind of check.

Biden’s U.S. Aid head Samantha Power announced from the WEF even more aid would be going to Ukraine.

But the one whose comments raised a lot of questions was Christopher Wray, who issued remarks on security, as he spoke about “the level of collaboration between the private sector and the government, especially the FBI, has made significant strides.”

That’s what the Twitter files revealed — that indeed the “level of collaboration” especially with the FBI is concerningly close when it comes to flagging things for censorship on social media. Wray doesn’t seem at all concerned about the collaboration or the concerns expressed by whistleblowers about the politicization and bias within the FBI. We already saw the Brian Stelter segment at the WEF about going after “disinformation.”

Wray said that when it came to dealing with cyber security issues, the “good guys” [the FBI, according to him] were “constrained by law.”

But it didn’t look like the FBI was at all constrained by the Constitution and the First Amendment in going after people’s speech on Twitter and that’s the problem. We’re told one thing publicly, but then we hear that the FBI was giving secret instructions to Twitter that disappeared after ten days, so you wouldn’t have any evidence to follow up on if there were any problems or if people raised questions about censorship.

Wray feels free to say what he wants to the WEF. He needs to answer about the Twitter files leaks before Congress and under oath.

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