DOJ Throws WH Under the Bus Over Their Refusal to Answer Questions on Classified Docs Scandal

It looks like the Justice Department might have just thrown Joe Biden and the White House under the bus big time.

Fox’s Harris Faulkner was speaking about the matter on the “Faulkner Focus” on Thursday. She ran video of an interview with former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman, who said a “crime had occurred” and there was no requirement that there be any “intent” to do anything bad with the documents.

Faulkner noted that the White House has continued to dodge questions about the scandal. I wrote on Wednesday about how White House Karine Jean-Pierre was refusing to answer reporters’ questions, punting and saying they can’t comment on an “ongoing investigation,” that the reporters should ask the DOJ or the White House counsel’s office. It wouldn’t be in a live briefing that the American people could see, and the White House could dodge the question. Reporters are losing patience with how bad KJP has been.

It’s not true that KJP can’t comment; the Biden White House can certainly comment on Joe Biden’s actions. It was ironic, they don’t want to comment on an “ongoing case” now, but Biden had no problem commenting on the Trump case and calling Trump “irresponsible.”

But as Faulkner explains, according to their DOJ source, that’s not true. The DOJ isn’t stopping them from talking.

“DOJ has not and will not tell White House officials what they can and cannot say publicly about this case,” the DOJ source said. “White House runs its own show. That’s the way it works.”

“They’re making up their own rules,” Faulkner said, chastising the White House. Not exactly transparent.

That’s interesting, particularly given the earlier report from the Washington Post that the DOJ and the Biden White House had an understanding to keep the document finds a secret, not making it public. Looks like the DOJ is making it clear now that they’re not going to run cover for the White House-at least not on their answering questions dodge.

On top of that, as we reported, the Secret Service has said they’re going to come across with what records they may have about visitors to the Delaware home, if Congress officially asks them. That’s fascinating since, previously, they said they didn’t have any official logs.

As I said at the time, that made no sense at all since the Secret Service, as part of their job, would have to vet anyone who went into the house, to protect Joe Biden. They faced a FOIA request from the NY Post, and they claimed they had “no responsive records” to the request. That appears to be untrue, so Congress needs to plumb why they weren’t telling the truth about that to begin with.

As I wrote earlier, at least one of those people was Hunter Biden, who had access to the Corvette, which was parked near where the documents were kept in the garage. We wrote about pictures of him with girls in Joe’s Corvette at the Wilmington address. That raises all kinds of questions about who else might have had access to the documents.

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