WEF Panel ‘City of the Future’ Is Pretty Scary

If it’s not clear yet from the wild things we’ve seen from the World Economic Forum (WEF), it seems to be all about constructing the ideal society — in which they can control everything.

Back in 2018, the WEF told us that we would “own nothing” and be “happy”-and everything would be within 15 minutes. Why? So, you wouldn’t have to have vehicles (or the freedom those vehicles bring).

They’ve since scrubbed that video from their website, although not from their Twitter account. Elon Musk said that video gave him “the willies.”

But some have moved along further on the idea. Fast forward to the idea that was laid out during one of the WEF panels — this is what is being envisioned in 2023 for 2045 — the 5-minute city “utopia.”

You’ll live in modules, completely enclosed [so, it looks like they could keep you in, if they wanted to], everything within 5 minutes’ walk, and no cars.

Where is your private yard or your freedom? 80,000 people living within 5 minutes of each other in a pod, so you reduce the number of businesses and you only have one big store for the “catchment area” of 80,000 people? What happens to all the private businesses you just eliminated? What are these people thinking, and do they not know anything at all about humanity? The betterment of humanity gets sacrificed for the “zero-carbon” emissions and everything being controlled.

This is a Saudi version; a Saudi diplomat went on to explain there would be no cars, and there would be different types of transportation based on renewable energy.

That didn’t sit well with Tesla head Elon Musk.

But seriously, if pods/modules were the city of the future, does anyone think the elite like Barack Obama are going to give up their beach homes? No, this is for you, to keep you in, while they continue to do whatever they want. Saudi Arabia runs on oil. When they eliminate cars and have “zero carbon,” exactly what do they think is going to happen to them? That’s their main source of income. Or is that too logical a thought to have here?

Many people compared this vision to the old movie “Logan’s Run,” or “Judge Dredd” type of housing units.


I’m thinking that’s not going to go over very well.

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