WATCH: Pro-Bolsonaro Supporters Storming the National Congress and Other Government Buildings

Things are getting wild now in Brazil.

Many pro-Bolsonaro people have been unhappy since Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was declared the winner of the election for president on October 30. Some have been protesting since then, believing that the results were fraudulent.

But on Sunday thousands of them stormed the National Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidential palace in Brasilia – the capital of the country a week after Lula was inaugurated. Many were flying the Brazilian flag and wearing the colors of the country.

Thousands are outside and now inside the buildings.

The National Congress:

The Presidential Palace:

The Supreme Court:

The police have had mixed reactions, perhaps in part because they would be completely overwhelmed but perhaps also because many may agree with the protesters. Lula is not in the city. It looks like there is now a movement to drop gas on the people.

Lula has ordered federal action against the protesters.

From Politico:

“This absurd attempt to impose their will by force will not prevail,” said Justice Minister Flavio Dino on his Twitter account. “The government of the Federal District has ensured there will be reinforcements. And the forces at our disposal are at work.”

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco said he was in permanent contact with Brasilia’s governor, Ibaneis Rocha, and that the entire police apparatus had been mobilized to control the situation.

We’ll keep you updated as this is a developing story.

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