Jill’s New Year’s Message Is Everything Wrong With Our Current Administration

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news? 2022 is over with and in the books. The bad news? 2023 is here and promises to be just as ridiculous. Jill Biden provided proof of that during a joint appearance with her husband on New Year’s Eve.

Sitting beside an obviously confused Joe Biden, whose eyes have shrunk to the size of marbles over the last couple of years, she used her time on the national stage to once again promote the COVID-19 vaccines. Again, this was on December 31st in the year of Our Lord, 2022.

It’s just mind-numbing that we are still doing this knowing what we now know. How many booster regimes have been circulated at this point that have failed to stamp out the pandemic? And how much of the nation has already been vaccinated at some level anyway? Yet, with just hours left in 2022, here’s Jill Biden talking like it’s the Fall of 2021, refusing to give us a break, even on a holiday, from the onslaught of propaganda.

What kind of uplifting message for the new year is it to once again hijack audiences with demands to go get vaccinated for COVID-19? Heck, why mention the pandemic at all? Anyone who has not gotten vaccinated by now is obviously not going to do so. They don’t need the White House to keep breathing down their necks into perpetuity about the topic. It’s just cringe-inducing, from the message choice to the sight of Biden’s botox-inflated face as he pretends his wife, who is definitely not a doctor, is some kind of authority on the matter.

Are the boosters even working to the degree that has been promised? I don’t know, but I do know that the government refuses to do any real studies on their long-term effectiveness, leaving us with CDC-reported death statistics to quibble over. Further, there is no excuse this late in the game to not differentiate between demographics when talking about the coronavirus vaccines (namely age and preexisting conditions). There is simply no logic in pushing children to be get it, and there’s little evidence that young, healthy individuals need to bother with the jabs either. That’s especially true given the prevalence of natural immunity bestowed during the first omicron wave.

Jill Biden’s generic plea is par for the course for the Biden administration, though. They always simply double down on failure, refusing all nuance while believing that if they say something enough, it will be taken as truth. Their talking points never change no matter how much new data they receive. Instead, they just push harder, as with the White House’s relentless denial that we entered a recession earlier in 2022.

It’s a terrible strategy to gain the trust of the American people at a time when our institutions already face a crisis of credibility. It’s also just extremely annoying. People are sick of hearing about COVID-19, and it’s clear that the virus is endemic enough that it does not need constant messaging set around it anymore. Let people live their lives without dangling COVID-19 over them constantly.

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