The Savage Exchange That Says Everything About the Left, Courtesy of Larry Elder and Elon Musk

Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, it’s been a lot of fun, not only with his humor but with an amazing window into the bad behavior of the left — from the Twitter files to their tantrums over being treated like everyone else and no longer living in their protected liberal bubble.

But that’s quickly made Musk Enemy No. 1 to the left because he’s threatening their ability to control the narrative. They’re so fearful of free speech and anyone other than their side having a say they must demonize anyone they believe stands in their way. So he’s become their current bete noire.

Radio host Larry Elder had a tweet that encapsulated that.

“If Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Elon Musk were walking down the street, and you gave an American lefty a gun with two bullets–he’d put both in Elon Musk,” Elder said.

Indeed, I think he’s right. Two of the scourges of the Earth, responsible for the deaths of millions between them, with the evils of national socialism and Communism. And all some on the left would see is Musk who they think is standing in the way of their power, who they are already equating, ridiculously, with Hitler.

But Musk managed to cap it off.

Elon didn’t miss. That’s such a perfect comment on the left, so many of whom know nothing at all about guns, apart from believing that they are evil and should be done away with. We hear their ignorance when it comes to things like the AR-15. Joe Biden is constantly spewing nonsense about guns and railed on Thanksgiving against anyone owning a semi-automatic gun, which applies to most modern guns.

Some on the left missed the point of the comment, claiming it made sense that Musk was walking with Hitler and Mao because they want to imagine Elon as “Hitler.” Of course, that just proves the point Elder was making about the hyperbole of the left. Because Musk differs from them about free speech on Twitter, they call him a Hitler. Indeed, that’s diminishing and showing a lack of understanding of what horrors Hitler committed when you try to call Musk Hitler. Plus, Elder’s tweet doesn’t say that Musk was walking “with” Hitler and Mao.

Some were also furious that Elder nailed them with the gun comment, claiming that they could shoot. Then maybe you should talk with your side about their constant ignorance of guns and always resorting to trying to ban guns and take away rights. Because if you believe in gun rights and support the Democrats, you are working against your own interests.

Musk’s mother didn’t quite get the comment and reported the tweet and Musk had to tell her it was “fine,” that Larry Elder wasn’t encouraging violence against him.

That’s a mom being a mom.

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