Viktor Bout Mocks U.S. on Russian TV and Shows How Bad the Griner Swap Truly Was

The reactions to the lopsided Brittney Griner/Viktor Bout swap are still coming in.

Here’s Derek Maltz, former DEA Special Operations Director, talking with Fox News, describing the effort they made to put Bout in jail, what a danger he was to the world, and that he was convicted on serious terrorism charges. He notes that even the Obama administration got how serious this was and Joe Biden was the Vice President at the time, so he had to know what a danger Bout was to the world.

“Putin has just established a new tool,” Maltz said, and others will “take advantage of the weakness” that Joe Biden just displayed with this trade. Maltz also pointed out how Joe Biden is “pro-gun-control.” Yet, Biden just released the biggest arms dealer Maltz had ever seen back to Russia in the middle of the war with Ukraine. “How ironic and how disgusting is that?” Maltz said. Maltz notes how Bout is going to be mad at the U.S. for holding him in jail and he’s going to owe Putin for bringing him back home — just the type of guy that Putin needs to help him in his war.

Russian television is already laughing about the swap, as we reported.

John Kirby didn’t seem to think that the deal posed any real risk to national security, saying the Biden team thought it was “manageable” and that Bout was going to be let out at some point in the future anyway. Yes, he said that, as a justification for letting him out in exchange for Griner.

Kirby may want to reevaluate that assessment as Bout is already talking to Russian television and mocking the United States. Bout said he was very supportive of the invasion of Ukraine — indeed, he said he didn’t know why they hadn’t done more earlier, and if he had been around, he said he would have been involved.

Can anyone listen to that and doubt that Putin already is making use of this warmongering terrorist and what a boon to Putin it was to let him go? He’s already acting as Putin’s puppet to push the war. I wonder what all the Ukrainians and the liberals flying those Ukraine flags in their profiles think about this development? Do you think the Biden team realizes how much they messed up yet, or no? The Biden team now will have the blood of anyone this guy is involved in killing on their hands. I hope that’s “manageable” for them. And can I say again how much their “risk assessment” sucks?

He also mocked the U.S. and the “72 genders” with which he said our society was obsessed. What are the LGBTQ people going to think about this guy that Biden just released?

Folks on the left are upset with him saying this, but ladies and gentlemen, he was responsible for thousands of deaths and your guy let him go, maybe that should move you to be just a little concerned? The bottom line, is he doesn’t give a darn about “civilization,” he just wants to attack the U.S. for Putin and he’s using that way to do it.

Great job, Joe.

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