WATCH: Hilarious Babylon Bee Take as Californians Return to CA, But Discover Who They Truly Are

As a person who fled a blue state for the freedom of Texas, I have to say that I’ve had a great time watching the hilarious Babylon Bee saga of the California couple, Timpani and Steve, who moved to Texas and discovered a whole new world.

They arrived in masks, fearing their neighbors, then even canvassing for Beto O’Rourke.

As they continued with their Texas evolution, Steve went from vegan to discovering the wonder of eating meat. Timpani went from being “she/her” to falling in love with — wait for it — guns.

In their last adventure, they discovered an institution in Texas — Buc-ees — with Steve being entranced by all many types of jerky as well as the Buc-ees mascot.

But then we were left with a cliffhanger — they were returning to California. The Babylon Bee is now out with the finale on their return to California and it’s great. “After tasting freedom in Texas, will they now be subsumed by the socialist miasma of California?” the Bee asks. The first thirty seconds are magical with Steve’s memories of Texas, and the follow-through to the end is satisfying, with a lot of fun along the way. They invited their neighbors over — as they might have in Texas — but it doesn’t go well.

Steve had trouble with the proper pronouns for his neighbors, especially for the woman with the beard. Timpani is great with the “Bless your heart!” She’s certainly absorbed “Texas” with that comment. Then, there are the squatters with the needles that they leave everywhere and the people burglarizing their home, who even take their cherished Buc-ees mascot pillow. Timpani then responds as any Texan would, defending her home, shooting at the thieves, scaring them off, a “good guy/girl with a gun” success story. That leaves more “all-beef hot dogs” for them both and the comforting revelation that yes, indeed, they are now truly Texans and what a joy that is.

Then six months later, they are the Texans, welcoming the new mask wearing everything-phobic Californians into the neighborhood, coming full circle in a terrific ending. Now that’s a great finale.

I’m sad to see their saga end but I will certify as a transplant to Texas: all of this is not just funny, but it’s true. The difference is stark and it’s wonderful.

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