Wondering What Happened to the Red Wave? Look Toward the Census

Despite widespread predictions for a red wave in the 2022 midterm elections, it just didn’t materialize this year. From poor ballot counting to a horrific representation of the candidates on the campaign trails, not much went according to the plans that were laid out. Then again, this is politics; expect the unexpected is the mantra.

Minnesota was one of the states that were expected to receive a monstrous red wave. With census numbers indicating that the state would likely lose a congressional seat, a sudden jump for “blue state” voters came in, and this serves as a stark contrast to the usually reputable December figures that the forecasts were based on.

The Census Bureau admitted they overcounted, and that’s where the problem stemmed from. Democratic Farm Labor Chair Ken Martin was absolutely thrilled about this news, bragging that they had the highest census rate and voter turnout in the nation.

Minnesota was one of a few states that did not lose seats to the red wave the way they were expected to, and each state had its own DFL representative, or other giddy leftist waiting to brag about what happened. Had things gone according to plan, MN and a few other states would have seen House seats flipping as they were predicted to, as well as Congress looking totally different. As it stands, Republicans took the overall majority vote by a landslide, but the census and newly drawn lines changed that.

The loss in MN was a direct reflection of the DFL’s push to make the state into a frozen tundra version of California. With state taxes skyrocketing along with homicide records, it’s no wonder the state went blue. The decision to tax pensions, Social Security, and capital gains along with the nation’s fourth highest tax rate has made MN the 45th-ranked state for business.

A combination of dramatic taxes and woke corporations relocating to the state for the DFL has sent both small businesses and good workers fleeing the state. George Soros’ Open Society Center funding of the “defunding the police” made the ballot – and with 15,000 people having left the state who would have gone against it in Minneapolis.

Hans Von Spakovsky, former Justice Department lawyer and FEC commissioner, noted that the Census Bureau made some big mistakes that cost the state and other dearly:

“Overcounted the population of eight states, all but one of which is a blue state … Minnesota, according to the original census report, would have lost a congressional seat during reapportionment if it had 26 fewer residents; the survey shows the state was overcounted by 216,971 individuals. Similarly, Rhode Island would have lost a seat if the Census Bureau had counted 19,000 fewer residents. It turns out that the state was overcounted by more than 55,000 individuals … Texas and Florida should each have received an additional seat in the House. Rhode Island and Minnesota should each have lost a congressional seat — but didn’t. Colorado was given an additional seat it didn’t deserve.”

These voters got hosed by the census not accurately representing the people. With inaccurate numbers, it is impossible to properly count voters, make proper predictions, or properly campaign. It is also impossible to ensure the votes are counted correctly. Minnesota is but one state, and as Spakovsky shows, there were others with the same problem.

So good job Dems, you once again stole something just because it wasn’t nailed down. Hopefully, America wakes up to just how corrupt they are for the 2024 elections.

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