Just Flush…The Disturbing Reality of Abortion Pills

“Don’t look in the toilet, just flush.” This is what many women are told by Planned Parenthood when given abortion pills. They are told when and how many pills to take. And when it’s time to pass the fetus, they are instructed not to look inside the toilet. Just flush.

Why? There is a lot of blood and fetal tissue. Depending upon how far along a mother is, there may actually be fingers, toes, and even partially formed organs. However, the Democrats pushing to legalize abortion pills don’t want to tell you this.

If you flush without realizing that you’ve just destroyed human life, it’s nothing but fetal tissue. The problem is that fetal tissue is actually the start of a human that, if given the chance, can end up becoming a baby to love and hold in the outside world.

Abortion pills can often be procured without an in-person doctor’s visit. There’s no need to get an ultrasound or anything. And some women may lie about how far along they are to get the pills. The liberal doctors don’t care. If it means helping a woman to end a life, they’re all for it – regardless of the health of the woman, the age of the fetus, or anything else.

Abortion pills can even be ordered online from other countries. It’s highly unregulated.

There are also a lot of health risks that the Democrats don’t want you to know. This is like COVID vaccines all over again. They only want to focus on the good. They’ll hide the science because it doesn’t help to push their agenda forward.

The women who want to obtain abortion pills don’t often have access to healthcare. They don’t have insurance, and they have no desire to visit a doctor or clinic. As such, they’re at greater risk for side effects and health problems.

There are often complications that involve uterine bleeding and hemorrhaging. However, many women don’t know when to say it’s too much blood. Excessive bleeding can be a sign of bigger problems. If a woman doesn’t have a local doctor to visit, she may not realize that soaking through two thick sanitary pads per hour for more than two consecutive hours means that she’s hemorrhaging and could die if she doesn’t seek help immediately.

There’s another issue because of the way the uterus will contract to expel the fetal tissue from the womb. Taking the abortion pill means that it relies solely on the chemicals and the natural contractions of the uterus to remove everything. There is no medical procedure where things are physically removed. As such, infection and sepsis can occur. Fevers, chills, and severe pelvic tenderness can occur in the days following a medical abortion.

Since many pro-abortion providers provide the pills without any kind of counseling, many women experience mental health conditions. The depression and anxiety following an abortion can be severe, causing problems with a woman’s relationships, career, and health for years to come – until she finally gets the mental health support that she needs.

There’s yet another problem with getting the pills without speaking to a doctor or getting an ultrasound. No one should be taking the abortion pill if they have an IUD, have an ectopic pregnancy, or are further along than nine weeks. Yet, these things happen because there is insufficient regulation around these deadly pills.

And to think – the Biden administration is actually trying to push more of these abortion pills into our society. It’s just disgusting.

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