DeSantis Keeps Rolling in Momentum So Now They Are Going After His Wife

Ron DeSantis is rightly celebrating his nearly 20-point re-election win in the state of Florida governor’s race. He far exceeded expectations and he has a whole bunch of momentum moving forward.

And the governor did not rest on his laurels, he went right back to work the day after the midterms. He had to deal with another hurricane and lead the right’s battle nationally against the left.

DeSantis just keeps delivering good leadership and he continues to slay giants like Disney, immigration chaos, and the teacher’s union.

But all of his success comes with a price, if it is not the angst of former President Donald Trump, it is his family becoming a target. The liberal media is now coming after his wife, Casey.

After the Florida governor steamrolled his way to victory last week, the chatter about a possible 2024 presidential run started.

The right-leaning news outlet, the New York Post, focused one of its articles on humanizing DeSantis. They wrote a piece titled, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ not-so-secret political weapon—his wife, Casey.”

The article made some pretty wonderful points about Casey, the mother of three, a former news anchor, and a recent cancer survivor. She’s also easy to look at.
Casey stopped working in journalism amid Ron’s first gubernatorial run in 2018. She expressed some political aspirations for herself and her husband in the past. A former colleague of Casey’s talked about an exchange he had with her in a Vanity Fair article. He said, “I remember I once said, ‘Casey wants to be a senator’s wife.’ And he said, ‘No, she fully intends on being a president’s wife.’”

That Vanity Fair article attempts to paint Casey DeSantis as some kind of evil genius who is sneakily trying to take over the world. But the truth is that she is a wonderfully supportive wife, a caring mother, and a classy, well-spoken woman. It is simply wrong to assume that behind all that facade there is self-interest and ambition. Let’s remember that the only source for the entire claim about Casey is a supposed former colleague who talked with a leftwing outlet like Vanity Fair.

And let’s just get this straight, what if Casey DeSantis does want to get to the White House someday? There have been plenty of ambitious women on the left like Dr. Jill Biden and don’t forget about Hillary. She basically served as co-president with her husband and, then, attempted to fill that seat herself.

What about the ambition of Michelle Obama? She was certainly not a wallflower. She was all over the T.V. and she had an important role in her husband’s administration.

It seems crazy that there would be any murmuring about Casey going on at this point just because she looks good on the platform and stands by her man. This makes her someone wanting to take over the country.

This is happening because of the momentum that Gov. Ron. DeSantis is experiencing this, and the left is afraid of him because of his chances in 2024. Just this week, a new series of primary polls indicated that DeSantis is leading in the following states: Texas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and New Hampshire. The train has left the station and the left is not on board with it for 2024.

Another reason the DeSantis family is taking a hit is that it looks like a Rockwell portrait compared to the First Family we have right now. Hunter is maintaining his place in the headlines and the left can’t stand the contrast.

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