Will China & Russia Cripple the US Economy & Military from Space?

In late October, a top-secret and unmanned Chinese “spacecraft” that we were monitoring from here in the US “ejected something” into space. Some have speculated that it was an observational satellite, but others believe it could be a weapon or a new type of drone. The Chinese have been developing space drones that will be able to latch onto American satellites to either disable them or tap into their data feeds. Alternatively, it could be a tactical nuke intended to take about a bunch of American space infrastructure at once, such as the SpaceX Starlink satellite constellation. Either way, it doesn’t sound good. You’d think the Biden administration and the military would be more concerned about either possibility.

To give a sense of just how serious this threat from China and Russia could be, the entire global financial system is hooked up to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which relies on American satellites. ATMs and the debit card reader you use at the grocery store rely on GPS. Cell phone companies use GPS to route your phone calls. GPS is what the power company uses to route electricity to your house. It also allows you to use that handy map on your smartphone when you need to get somewhere and don’t know the way.

GPS is used for a lot, and it’s just one aspect of the catastrophe that China and/or Russia could unleash on America if the Biden administration infuriates them too much. Disrupting our satellites, knocking them out of orbit, or tapping into their communications feeds, would allow China to basically cripple the military’s current communications. Hope the Army has a ham radio backup plan!

What’s the Biden administration doing about this potential threat to life as we know it in America? Well, nothing. They seem wildly incurious about it.
Speaking of which, the Department of Defense issued its classified report to Congress this week on all the recent UFO sightings. Well, we used to call them UFOs. Nowadays, these objects have the ability to dip in and out of the ocean at full speed, so they’re UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). Tucker Carlson of Fox News is always talking about them and interviewing experts.

Anyway, the DOD here in the US released its classified report, and newspapers in the UK and Italy are reporting on it. The DOD says that most of the videos of UAPs that Congress was demanding answers on… are Chinese surveillance drones. (Didn’t see that coming.)

Skeptics are obviously going to claim that this current crop of UAPs couldn’t possibly be Chinese surveillance drones because there have been sightings dating back many decades. But what if the DOD is telling the truth? These Chinese drones, if that is indeed what they are, therefore have the capability to dip in and out of the ocean at full speed, and maneuver faster than any aircraft in the US military, while making turns that defy the laws of physics.

Is anyone in the Biden regime worried about this? Is any of this forming some sort of recognizable pattern that has them concerned? Obviously not.

The number one priority of the Biden regime these days, aside from kicking military members out for refusing the COVID shots, is creating a more diverse military. Kick out all the competent people and give their jobs to people because of the color of their skin. That’s how you end up with mediocrity like Lloyd Austin – a Raytheon flack – working as Secretary of Defense.

China successfully tested its first antisatellite weapon back in 2007. We don’t seem to know what their real technological capabilities are these days, but they’re obviously more advanced than most people imagine. And the people in charge, as usual, are asleep at the switch. Donald Trump can’t get reelected soon enough.

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