Biden Trips Over Some Truths, Reveals the ‘List,’ and Wants Even More Vacation Time

I previously covered some of Joe Biden’s comments in the wake of the midterm elections.

Biden indicated that despite 75 percent believing that country was going in the wrong direction, he didn’t think that he needed to change anything. What was the problem, according to Biden? People hadn’t understood all he had done; they just hadn’t appreciated how awesome he was. He claimed that the more they find out what he’s doing, the more support there is.

Even CNN found that answer unacceptable, given the mess that Biden has made of everything, especially with inflation. They recognized that was insulting people.

But at this point, he doesn’t seem to feel like he’s accountable.

Now that the elections are over, Biden even admitted that he can’t guarantee that he can “get rid of inflation.”

Biden says that now, after selling us a raw deal on the Inflation Reduction Act, which doesn’t reduce inflation. But that was just one of the many deceptions before the elections.

As we reported, during that same presser, Biden also threatened Elon Musk, saying he thought Musk’s acquisition was “worth being looked into,” in a carefully worded answer to a question from a reporter. It was clear that Biden knew that he would get such a question, and he appeared to be looking at notes when he gave it.

I noted that made it more concerning, because it was then a considered response he was giving that Musk was “worth being looked into”-not just a random, dumb Biden gaffe. They wanted us to know that, and that came after Musk suggested that people should vote for Republicans in the election. So, Biden was threatening someone whom he would view as a political opponent.

But he also revealed more about that presser. Biden admitted he was given a list of reporters to call on, and told they would each be asking one question. He’s been “told” by those folks behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

We’ve seen this before. How often is this happening, and how many answers are prepared ahead of time? He’s been caught with notes in the past. But even with notes, he’s still gaffing, lying, and delivering horrible answers.

I’m thinking that what he said here wasn’t in his notes.

“I just found it interesting that Biden’s being apopoapocapopacopa…Biden’s being an extremist,” he said. I’m not sure what word that was supposed to be.

But hey, the guy who took an early lid before noon on Election Day said he hoped that he can find some time soon to go on vacation, after all that hard work that he’s been doing.

“I hope Jill and I get a little time to actually sneak away for a week around between Christmas and Thanksgiving,” Biden laughed.

Biden has spent more time on vacation than anyone in the office in recent memory. He’s spent about 40 percent of his time in office on vacation. Most Americans get maybe two weeks of vacation in a year — if they’re lucky — and with Bidenflation, now many have had to give up on that, scale back, and even take on two jobs to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, he should have taken the whole time off, and we wouldn’t be in a lot of the mess that he’s led us into.

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