Tired of Campaigning? 2024 Starts Now

Every time you go onto social media, turn on the radio or drive down the highway, you hear political campaigning. Even your mailbox is filled with postcards where politicians talk about their platforms and why you should vote for them.

By now, you’ve probably done your civic duty and voted. Whether you did it by mail-in ballot or you went down to a polling station, your vote has been cast.
It’s now up to the states to count the ballots and determine who the winners of the various elections are. But it’s done – right?

Sure, the midterms are now over. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have to hear about THOSE politicians anymore. However, the campaigning is far from over.

November 9 marks the day when politicians who have aspirations to become the next president will start campaigning. The 2024 presidential election is an important one because it’s a chance to take back the White House – and get the blubbering idiot known as Biden out of office.

It’s unclear as to whether the 79-year-old will run for reelection – and even whether his own Party will allow him to do so. There are plenty of Democrats who have been making moves in the background so that they can come forward as a potential rival to the old man.

We also have a former president who has been rallying and running fundraisers across the country. Trump is a controversial candidate, but he’s still a favorite among many who vote red.

No one has officially announced if they’ll be running in 2024 yet because it’s too soon. Everyone wants to get through the midterms. And they want to see who is going to come forward first.

Many anticipate that if Trump does announce a 2024 run, there will be fewer Republican politicians running simply because they don’t want to challenge him. Of course, there will always be a few who will challenge him regardless, including Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis. Again, though, it’s too soon to know at THIS moment in time.

There’s also the potential for others. As RedState writes, “Another factor to consider is how a ‘Never-Trump’ challenger like Republican Rep. Liz Cheney can run as either a Republican or Independent, but she would probably be taking more from the Democrats than Republicans, except they’d have little chance at victory. As there are such dominant personalities within both parties at the moment, this would not be the race where a serious third-party contender would emerge.”

It’s unlikely that we’ll see many independent parties run. This may be the first year we’ll finally stop hearing from Bernie Sanders. Hopefully, the man has learned that people aren’t interested in his socialist ideas and that he’s too old to be relevant to the average American.

We could end up with neither Biden nor Trump running – and this is probably the best-case scenario. It will allow for some fresh blood to enter the White House that isn’t too highly controversial.

However, the best-case scenario also turns into a campaigning nightmare because every mayor, governor, Representative, Senator, and council member with high hopes will be throwing their name out there in hopes of garnering enough support and votes that it will get them into the White House.

Get your recycling bin cleared out from the midterms. You’re about to see a lot more coming through in the next few months.

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