Hollywood’s War on Kids Is on Full Display With Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Humiliation of Children

I turned on my TV and somehow “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was playing. I think a troll must have come in and switched my DVR to ABC, because there’s very little reason to watch the network.

I was about to switch the station when I saw that he was up to his old antics again… humiliating and scarring little kids. He’s famously done this before, but after the backlash he faced, I figured he was done with it.

To wit, he gets parents to videotape themselves “confessing” that they ate all their children’s Halloween candy. Sounds funny, right?

Except that it’s anything but. Watching truly upset kids cry just for a comedy bit actually hurts the heart, and it’s just plain cruel. As a parent, I know that my older kids will often bring up small, seemingly inconsequential moments they remember as littluns and say that they affected them deeply years later.

It may be good for a laugh, but these children will remember this moment when they’re 30, 40, 50. Kids are emotionally impacted by such events in ways that adults can’t truly understand. Remember some devastating moment in your own life–looking back on it, was it really that important? Maybe not. You didn’t get your glass of lemonade. Big whoo. But at the time, it hurt–because you were a kid.

Ask yourself a question, are you laughing hysterically as these children cry? Watch:

I endured the segment. I did not laugh. As a father, I only felt sorrow for these innocents as they were used for a giggle for some wine-sipping couple in suburbia.

Viewing this, I would have assumed Kimmel had no children because anyone who did wouldn’t do this to them. But it turns out he has four. I can only hope he doesn’t put his own through this kind of stuff just to get a snicker.

I’m not into cancel culture, and I believe comedians should be able to riff on anything and make fun of whoever they want–politicians, activists, CEOs, whoever. But there’s one place I draw the line: kids. Just as so many of us have been saying in the trans discussions and the drag queen shows–leave the kids the hell out of it. I argued in a recent article that “Late-Night Comedy Is Dead,” and this only proves my point.

Making little children cry for a laugh isn’t funny; it’s depraved.

Between the COVID policies that hurt children more than anyone else, the abortion wars where they seemingly want to ensure fewer children in the world, and the environmentalist fanaticism where they argue that having babies is harmful to the planet, it’s hard not to feel that Leftists are actively anti-children. Kimmel’s segment might seem innocuously “funny” at first, but he’s basically just tormenting kids for a laugh.

Change the channel.

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