New York Times Video Op-Ed Warns Brazil’s Choice for President Could Determine Fate of Planet Earth

You’ve got to hand it to the legacy media. When they latch on to a progressive narrative, they hang on to it for dear life. One of those tried-and-true narratives: Promoting the leftists’ fever pitch, “the sky is falling” predictions of radical environmental activists. Now, the New York Times has tied that mainstay angle to the Brazilian presidential election taking place Sunday, publishing a new opinion piece over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the NYT video op-ed article has been kept locked up for only subscribers of the Grey Lady’s website. Wait-if it’s so urgent that everyone hear this message, wouldn’t they want all readers to watch it?

Luckily, the six-minute-and-change video is openly available-published for free-on YouTube, so you can watch it below:

No need for me to recount what all is in the op-ed. Even watching the first few minutes of it, you’ll get the gist. It’s like an infomercial for “feel-good” environmental hogwash, preaching to the converted and shaming the “deniers.” You know, we want to destroy the planet, and so on, unless we cede to their demands to install green energy economies in every nation possible.

Another favored media narrative is amplifying the fear-mongering by the leftists that the right-wing incumbent, President Jair Bolsonaro, and his campaign are questioning the “integrity” of the election process, as Reuters did on Friday.

Their headline:

Brazil election officials brace for tense Sunday vote as Bolsonaro cries foul

The media also did this for the first ballot (which I reported on earlier in October; it was a tie).

Fox News confirmed in its latest reporting this weekend that progressives and their media allies are trying to push this framing of Sunday’s run-off.

Nope, the Brazilian general election is not a South American retread of “Stop the Steal”…or about saving the rainforests from nefarious, far-right wingers who allegedly relish the idea of burning it down. (As my colleague Brad Slager and many other journalists have written, it’s the green energy activists demanding everyone buy electric cars who are guilty of threatening the rainforests’ existence.)

No, this election seems to be about only one thing, to reasonable people: legitimate voters choosing freedoms/capitalism over more radical lefty governance. Let’s hope the rational people show up on Sunday.

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